Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Reality Check: The Bachelor

Yes, the show we all love to yell at is back!

This season our Bachelor is Good Guy Jake.... the cute pilot from Dallas that was dumped last season by previously dumped Canadian Good Girl Jillian.

This season starts like all of the others.
25 "beautiful women" already half sauced stumbling out of limos to meet what they are all positive will be their future husband.

10 must go and Jillian and Ed are on hand to help interview the candidates.

As in previous "journeys" our bachelor keeps around some questionable choices.

This may very well prove to be "the most dramatic season ever"
Stay tuned!

Season Recap from Digital Spy


Lynx217 said...

Scandal on the show already, apparently one of the producers or something got caught in an affair with one of the girls. Just saw it in today's paper.

Mike Barer said...

I don't watch the Bachelor, but that's a great report.