Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reality Check: The Bachelor

There is a lot of squealing going on in the bachelor house this week as the first week of date cards start rolling in.

Truly this is the most annoying cast of beauties ever.
Screaming and running to take photos with The Bachelor.
Screaming and running to ride amusement park rides with The Bachelor.

The Bachelor himself mentioned the girls are acting like 12 year olds.
(Sadly, he seemed to like them that way)

Of course the big twist last night, was not really a twist at all because the spoilers have been all over the internet leading up to this weeks 2 hour episode.

One of the Rosette's had some kind of "inappropriate relationship" with one of the staffers.

The other future Mrs. Cute Pilots are shocked at the news which seems kind of wierd because we get a view of the sleeping quarters and it seems unlikely a full blown affair could be going on and no one noticed.

After Jake composes himself, he asked Chris to have his rose returned..

Two are sent home and viewers are left again shaking their heads at his choices.

See you next week!

1 comment:

Amber Star said...

I don't shake my head at his choices. I thought it wasn't the best shows for me.

Just fyi the Project Runway show is back on, but it has moved to Lifetime. Maybe that would be an alternative to silly shows like the batchelor. Just my opinion about that show.