Saturday, January 09, 2010

Reality Check: Shark Tank

Shark Tank is back and the Sharks are as delightful as ever.

Would be inventors and small time entrepreneurs present their wares to a panel of investors (sharks) in the hopes of launching or growing their product or business.

It is very interesting to see people ask for thousands of dollars, especially when they are able to work out a deal with one or more of the Sharks.
VERY Cool!

What is even more interesting is to see people ask for thousands of dollars especially when they are unprepared to answer the Sharks financial questions.
NOT Cool!

This weeks favorite Shark Bytes:

"You haven't done your homework"
and most painful of all
"you can't GET that loan from a bank or you
would have already DONE it"

Swimming anyone??

1 comment:

Amber Star said...

I'll be staying clear of that show. Those make me anxious for some reason. Of all the reality shows I really like So You Think You Can Dance the most.