Wednesday, August 10, 2005

On-line shopping

I love to shop online.
I mean I love to shop anyway, but shopping online can be such an adventure.
I seldom look at shoes though, since I like to try those on.
What's funny with all the on-line shopping I do, I seldom actually buy anything,
I just shop.
It's sort of like window shopping, except you can shop in your pyjama's wearing fuzzy houseshoes with a cat on your lap.
This is one of my new favorite stores.
Midnight Box
It's like an auction, except you don't really know what you are buying....
How fun is that!
I've yet to buy anything, but every day I am tempted especially if the item is really cheap.
Maybe I will do my Christmas shopping here.

1 comment:

Chan said...

That sounds like fun! I'll have to check it out!