Sunday, August 07, 2005


I have never thought of myself as a procrastinator, but sometimes I catch myself doing just that.
Like the fabric and curtain rods in the Hancock Fabric bag waiting to become drapes.
Like the Sunflower wallpaper I stashed under the sink waiting to be put on the kitchen walls.
Like the mounds of pictures in the drawer that would look so nice framed and hung somewhere.
Like the Real Estate Contracts text book I should be reading instead of setting up this blog.
Hmmm......I guess I AM a procrastinator after all.
Feel free to comment about your OWN procrastinations, then I will less guilty.
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Anonymous said...

It can't be genetics--cause there is no blood tie, but it is definitely a family trait...look at the pictures of the Heckman House when we were kids. For years the sheet rock was floated and taped--but not painted or wall papered. Who knew it would carry on for at least two more generations.--Take care. Jimmy

Melli said...

I was GONNA comment ... but I'm procrastinatin'!