Monday, August 08, 2005


I haven't bought a pair of shoes in 33 days.
I think that is pretty darn amazing considering I have to pass by two huge malls filled with shoe stores, A DSW Shoe warehouse AND a Factory Shoes Outlet on my way home from Real Estate School every day.
Now, clearly I do not need any shoes while I am not even employed.
But......that is not the point is it?
The point is that I LOVE shoes.
My first thought each day is what shoes should I wear.
I'm addicted to shoes, I admit it.
In Fact.......
I even got a little giddy typing the word shoes in the subject line just now.
That's why I used the word shoes so many times in this post.
I'm thinking I deserve a reward for going so long
without buying shoes, dammit!
And I'm thinking that reward should be.......


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