Sunday, August 07, 2005

Welcome to "No Deep Thoughts"

Welcome to my new Blog.
I called it "No Deep Thoughts" as I plan to keep this diary light-hearted and fun.
I am still setting it up, but hope to have my own graphics here soon as well as a bio and all that cool stuff that "real" bloggers have.
I hope my friends and family will book mark this page, visit often, feel free to make comments and join in discussions as they come up.
My on-line time is limited these days and I thought this might be a fun way to keep in touch.



PJ said...

Just ME testing out this comment thing.

mom said...

oh yeah, Sampson brought me a lizard also, laid it out very neatly on the porch. Unfortunately, it died later so I buried it in the flower garden. Need to make a marker saying "Here lies Lizard" = but I keep procrastinating. Burp!!

mom said...

Can't say it enough--don't procrastinate any longer, buy the Damn shoes, or maybe several pair. I Usually buy 9 or l0 pair at a really " good sale! "

mom said...

Love this idea! Can I send you My Box of Pictures? Mom