Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In Houston: Houston Humane Society

Marvin Zindler, local consumer activist attacked the Houston Humane Society tonight on his news report.

It seems some lady surrendered two older cats to the shelter because she was moving.

Well after the fact her co-worker said he would take them so she went back there only to find out her these cats had been put to sleep.

Marvin was outraged that older cats are almost immediately killed at the shelter.
He says people should be informed they may be PTS.
(umm, if they are dumping do they really want to hear that?)

A shelter spokesperson said, the women was informed the cats would be "evaluated".
I was a little disappointed that she did not defend the shelter's position a little more and use this air time as a way to educate people.
Of course, maybe she DID try and she was edited....who knows?

You should have been outraged at the number of people who think pets are disposable.
You should have been outraged at the number of pets that are running loose unaltered producing tons of puppies and kittens and making it even more difficult to place older pets.
There is just not enough room in the inn, Marvin.

That lady has only herself to blame for the death of her beautiful cats.

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