Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shopping: Super Sucky Walmart

I like to print coupons at

I have never had a problem redeeming them at the various grocery stores that I frequent.

Well, today I stopped at a Walmart Food Center AKA Super Walmart and the cashier said, oh we don't take those kind. She wouldn't even look at them.

Me: Why? They are manufacturers coupons just like from the newspaper, they have a barcode and everything.
Her: We just don't take them

OK, so then I go to customer service to verify this is the policy and ask why.
She did look at them, but just shook her head.
Her: We just don't take them
Me: Why? I just would like to know because they are clearly not made in photoshop they have a barcode and everything just like the ones from the newspaper.

She does not know why and calls a manager, to whom I ask again...Why?
For the third time I am told, they "just don't take them"

I then said I was disappointed that I could not get the savings on these items and wished she could simply explain the reason for this policy and she looked at me like I was stupid so I left.

Now am I going to throw a shit fit over a couple of bucks?
Am I ever going food shopping at Super Walmart again?
Not anytime soon.

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