Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In Houston: Mayor Ray Nagin

From ABC Eyewitness News

Mayor Nagin and Houston Mayor Bill White plan to announce the opening of the New Orleans Journey Home Center. The expected visit of Nagin is a cooperation between the cities of New Orleans and Houston to bring about answers and solutions for evacuees who want to get back their homes in Louisiana.

The Katrina Evacuees are often in our news, and is usually not a positive thing.
It seems nearly every crime report starts with the words "a Katrina evacuee"

Only just yesterday a convenience store clerk in a store I frequent was shot and killed.
The report mentions that one of the suspects is from NO.

No doubt there are also good families struggling to make it here after losing everything and I hope this program helps get them settled in or return home, whichever they prefer.

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I can't help but wonder when they will stop calling these folks evacuees and start calling them Houstonians.
It looks like many of them are here to stay, but if they want to go home I hope they get the chance.
I really do.
Update: I just watched some interviews on the news with evacuees checking out the new center and one lady said.
"I'm here to get as much as I can get"
At the risk of having a rude deep thought, I have no comment...ha.

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