Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Pain Or Two In The Neck

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So a local chiropractors office was doing free screenings at the Houston Home Show and we said why not?

They asked, do I have pain?
And I say sure, doesn't everyone have aches in their forties?

Before they ran the sensor down my spine,
the doctor explained the chart.
White is fine, blue is marginal and red shows some real problems.

After my she finished she commented that I must have a lot more pain than I am admitting too and then called over her associate because she knew the girl had never seen "black" before on a screening.
The girl said...Wow.
Black is not good.

Then it was John's turn.
John's scan was all white.

He was told he has the vertebrae of an infant.

Now THAT hurts.....Ha.

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