Sunday, August 20, 2006

Work Related: Houston Home Show

I let John chauffeur me to meet with a client to see one property this morning then we headed out the Houston Home Show. There is always interesting things out there that we can not afford, but it is fun to pick up the papers and carry a bag with lots of stuff to later be recycled without being given a second look because we can not afford that stuff in the first place.

I took some business cards and stopped to talk with everyone that I thought could help out with my business and met some nice people. I met a couple of mortgage brokers that are kind of new in the business and said they do not have any realtors on my side of town yet and they promised to send me some leads.
They said they would only send leads that are pre-approved for a loan.
Well, I said...I like those kind....LOL.

I also attended a home staging workshop, while John checked out the massage chairs and fancy mattresses. The speaker was interesting, but I didn't learn much that I didn't already know.
I did find out they certify realtors for $325.00 and for that you get a two day seminar with a home staging expert.
I'm thinking that is a lot for me to pay them to sell their product, but the class looks fun.
I will check it out for the future for sure.

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