Tuesday, September 23, 2008

After Ike: Note to self

Be sure to rake through debris before picking up in case there is a dead rat in there.


Melli said...

EW!!!! Oh dear! Aren't we getting too old for stuff like this? Can't we HIRE someone to do this for us???

Hootin' Anni said...

I can handle a dead rat...it'd be SNAKES, slimy icky snakes [dead or alive] that'd have me running for cover!!!!

I just viewed your photos P J! What a mess. And yet you have so much humor with your writing that you astound me. You have backbone, stamina and an all out high look on life!!!


Marilynn said...

... and no snakes, either!

Anonymous said...

Eewww! indeed.

GREAT photos, PJ. I'm so glad to see you back online again. (and to see the cats back home on Paw's lap at last)

Your pictures and writing are both so wonderful; have you ever thought about publishing a book?

Barbara from California

Marilynn said...

Wow! I just watched KHOU's hour of noon news and they had lots of footage of the island and a press conference with the city council and city manager. What an enormous amount of work it's going to take most people to get their lives back again. Did all your beans get their tetanus shots?

I continue to send you prayers and good vibes -- and kitties send purrs.


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh no. we're purring and praying for all those in the Gulf effected by this horrible hurricane.

Amber Star said...

PJ, I'm just so glad you are ok and the house is ok so far. I know you are glad to be home even if it is so dreadful right now. Take care and watch out for the dead rats. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Both John's boss and your employee must be angels in some form.

Glad you are back blogging again, too. At least I can keep up with you when you have a little time to post.

Amber Star said...

Good grief! I just looked at your profile and you look dang good for your age, girl. :)