Monday, September 29, 2008


The weekend started out with a nice surprise...the water is ON.
Lucky we were there because the sinks and shower and stuff we took out were leaking and the last thing we need on the floor is more water.
We've been told not to drink or poop...we are good with that.
It was nice to be able to wash off the things we are able to keep.
Even Rafe's chair got a good washing down.

We....well the electric stuff done. As soon as we get the city inspector we can go on the turn on the lights already list! That will be a happy day. After he comes we can see about choosing a water heater, washer and dryer. Of course we need to sheetrock and tile that area first. At least that is the plan. Having time to do all that is a bit of a problem.

The flood adjuster came by. Not much is covered, but he was kind about what IS covered so we are hoping his report is as nice as he was. It will be at least a month before the report is sent for our approval so a check is some time away for sure.

We got the new kitty condo put together.
No cat seems that interested yet, but maybe they are still mad at us.
Yes, they are still mad for sure.
I have a few pics, will post soon.

The debris clean up crew has arrived at last!
They started on the other end of the subdivision but seem to be working our way.
A lot of strange looking folks have been driving the neighborhood checking out the trash, so it will be nice for that stuff to be picked up an gone.

And now for the really good news.
I sold a house yesterday.
In the middle of all this mess, people are still needing to buy homes.
Now that is very good news indeed.


Lorie said...

Yay! Tienen Agua!!! lol you are too funny mom!

Emma's Kat said...

So glad u guys are all okay! Hope all goes smooth in picking up the pieces after mean 'ole Ike. Give the fuzz kids a squeeze for me.

Hugs, Kat and fuzz

Melli said...

I am SO glad to hear you sold a house! To tell you the truth - I was almost MORE worried about what this nightmare was going to do to your career than what it did to your house! But I didn't want to ask! I was afraid NOBODY would be wanting to buy there for quite awhile ... so I'm very relieved to hear that it just might be OKAY!

You guys really ARE getting a lot done... And I know you WILL be relieved to have all that clutter out of the neighborhood too! YAY!

Amber Star said... are the only person I know who could sell a house after a hurricane and during a meltdown of the economy! You go, girl!

Lisa said...

Here's what I don't get about insurance. Lots of people don't have flood coverage. But if the flood is caused by a freakin hurricane storm surge, shouldn't that be an exception? I mean, flood from three days of rain is one thing. But a big a$$ hurricane is something else. I hope your check is nice and big to cover all the repairs and replacement items.