Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Flood Plain Plan

So now that we have pretty much trashed everything,
we are anxious to get the insurance and
electrician and city inspector stuff
done so we can get started with the plan.

Under the carpet was this old tile.
It will have to be all scraped up before we can install
our flood friendlier porcelain tiles.

The bathroom vanity was a bitch to knock out.
A Pedastal sink will take it's place.

The wet bar was well built as was the downstairs kitchen cabinets.
Removing them was quite a chore!
In place of the bar will be a couple of tall tables and chairs.
These can be carried UPstairs in know.

. We will replace this sink and such, but do not
plan to put anything too pricey in here.

We have not yet chosen our theme.
We are choosing between Mexican Cantina and Sports Bar.
John is leaning toward Mexico only because he is thinking IF I
were to get my very own sports bar
I would plaster the place with Brad Ausmus posters.


Anonymous said...

You guys have gotten it cleaned up fast! Good luck on all the rebuilding and remodeling. I'm praying for the insurance stuff to all work out!


Anonymous said...

You guys are moving FAST. Good for you!

Barbara from CA

Amber Star said...

I'm stunned you have gotten that much done....also, maybe surprised they city will let you have anything down under anymore. When my son and dil lived in Florida their house had a huge room downstairs that had bedrooms, pool tables, and an office. They were always freaked out the code guy would catch them...but really I think the downstairs stuff had been "grandfathered in" a while back. The the dot com thing took a nosedive is when they left there and came here. I don't think they have ever gotten over having to leave such a nice house they had turned into a home. They got their asking price when they put it on the market and sold it actually before they were ready.

Just now saw you had updated 11 hours ago. *L* I've been busy, too.

Marilynn said...

You really HAVE gotten lots done. That's amazing. I'll bet you haven't had any kitty snoopervising, huh? I know they love to snoop... but really, they slow us down!!

I'd be hesitant to go and see the West End, too. You undoubtedly have more than enough to do at your own place.

{{{{hugs}}}} and purrrrrrrsssss..... and prayers to you all.

Marilynn, Grace & Company

Hootin' Anni said...

You two are really getting a lot done in such a short time!!

I'm sore, just LOOKING at the work you have done so far...oh my aching muscles!

Melli said...

So... we've had a MAJOR learning experience here... and you seem to be figuring out allllll the solutions! That John - he's a SMART one -- I'd go for the Mexican thing too! That way if you have geckos get in, they'll be part of the decor! (and the cats will LOVE them!)