Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NOT on the To Do List

I had a freakin flat tire out in the middle of nowhere this afternoon.
John was more than and hour away, so started to change it myself
when a good samaritan came along to help.
He had problems getting the tire off, but John got there to finish
up and so we spent the rest of the after noon
and a pile of money at the tire store on a new set of tires.
NOT cool!

1 comment:

Melli said...

Grrrrr... NOT fun. Wow... I wonder if I even still have it IN me to change a tire! I've done it before... but I'm not sure if this ol' back, or these ol' knees, or these ol' hands could still handle it! Thank God for good samaritans! And thank God for JOHN!!! (at least you two got to spend the afternoon together...)