Friday, May 05, 2006

All In a Day's Work

I was showing a vacant house and the clients were running a little late so I went on in to open everything up, you know turn on lights and stuff.

Well, apparently the sellers had just exterminated because there were dead bugs everywhere...eww.

I didn't want my clients to be grossed out so I got some napkins out of my car and started picking up the the bugs.

Now I don't like bugs at all alive or dead but I get them all and of course, there are no trash cans in an empty house and CRAP... what do I do with these bug filled papers now??

I stuck them in a drawer and hoped these people are not the kind that open every single thing in a house, but of course ...they are.

So, the whole time they are inspecting the kitchen I am standing in front of that drawer so they do not feel tempted to open it, but in case they do I prepare myself to act properly shocked.

Now at some point SOMEone will open that bug filled icky drawer, and some poor realtor WILL be properly shocked, but it won't be least I hope not.

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