Monday, May 22, 2006

The Apprentice: My Design Ideas

Oh my gosh, I would have LOVED to do this task

First, I would put the front desk people in a traditional tailored jacket with an emerald shell.
Then I would give them a choice of two or three bottoms, a stylish pant and two skirts.
Hello? Who wants to wear the same thing every day?

The chef gets a traditional white jumpsuit or top and pant (two choices) with a green logo. Functional and traditional.

The Bell boy, a comfortable uniform in a stylish suit cut, not the dorky thing they are wearing now and not those ugly cuffs the girls came up with.

Now the maids I mean "suite keepers"
I would NEVER put those ladies in "coulottes"
First of all they are called gouchos or split skirts in the year 2006 Allie, dear
AND they make your butt look big even if you do NOT have a big butt.
These ladies would get functional uniforms and again, a choice of pants or skirts in a stretch type knit and a comfortable top.
I'm thinking grey and green pinstripes.

Ok, now that I've had my say I am looking forward to the finals with Lee and Sean
and did you see the Donald said Shit???
Too funny!
Allie and Roxanne....You are deservedly fired by the Donald AND the Fashion Police (me)

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