Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Apprentice: Week 10

There was lots of yelling in the both the suite and boardroom this week and Trump was especially creepy.

The Teams were brought in and told each would host an open house for a Hair Cuttery franchise.
Trump invited Charmaine to touch his own hair and report if it is real.
She said yes, it is but later Tammy asked why she didn't check the back....Ha.

Both teams faced similar challenges with getting the stores stocked, marketing ordered, and ready to go. Candidates seem to be pairing up now and forming alliances within the teams.
Sean is goofy about Tammy, this should be fun.

Tammy and Synergy win the task and are treated to a day with the legendary Burt Bacharach. how cool is that?

Charmaine and Gold Rush prepare for the worst with Lee stirring the pot a little.
In the boardroom, Trump makes a joke to Tarek about not getting to date Charmaine. Michael says Charmaine wants everyone to "love each other" and Trump makes another joke about that. Like I said, creepy.

After much yelling, The Donald started telling Charmaine how attractive she is, then fires her. After that he proceeded to attack Tarek and fired him as well.
Tarek, I am not too crazy about but... Trump saying several times during the season that maybe "Mensa made a mistake" is awfully harsh in my opinion.

It looks like next week we will have girls against boys and in the promo Trump says something about checking out the cheerleaders.
Yeah, I know.

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