Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Apprentice: Pepi who?

Our final two candidates are summoned to the board room where they find out what we already know, that they are the final two.

They will each host a major charity function, no surprise here.

When they return to the suite, all the previously fired candidates are there waiting for job interviews. I found that confusing and thank goodness Lee put on some pants.

The first part of the final task may be the most important, choosing the teams.

It is no surprise that Sean picks Tammy, and Andrea may do well but Tarek....hmm.

Lee feels loyalty outweighs skill and goes with Lenny, no surprise here either, then Lenny pretty much chooses Pepi (fired in the second episode)
I was glad to see him go with Roxanne, she was my favorite most of the season.

Poor Brent is lurking around hoping to be chosen, yeah right.

The teams hit the ground running with Lee and his group planning a celebrity hockey tournament benefiting the NYC fire department. Lee is clearly shaken by the huge task, when the contact for the charity is demanding tough answers. I was thinking she has ideas of her own for the event and was waiting for someone to ask her. The best way to handle tough questions is to start asking questions back, that's what I always do and it gives me time to think while they are talking....ha.

Sean's team are planning a big event for the World Wildlife Fund and featuring a concert by BareNakedLadies.
While the planning of each detail seems stressful they appear to be moving forward.
The group is side-lined for a bit when Andrea takes sick, but I'm thinking they will bounce back.

I'm looking forward to next week and thinking Sean looks strong.
It could just be the editing though...Stay tuned!

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