Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Apprentice: What others have to say

Well, I taped last night so I could watch Grey's Anatomy and somehow managed to only get the last half of the show. Apparently it is no longer replayed at MSNBC, at least I can not find it....sigh.

I did get to see Tammy's melt down in the boardroom and Allie get busted by Ivanka and Bill for rolling her eyes...something that has annoyed me all season......ha.

Here's what others had to say this week, enjoy.

Nonny say's Allie is like the girl you hated in High School, Yeah....I remember her!
Ann Althouse tells her readers that the proper term is "Eye Raising"....I like that!
Mike's Summary will be delayed, he told his readers to read mine....my bad.
Joe Realty is hard on the girls
The Apprentice on our TV found episode 12 "hard to watch"....at least they got to see it!
The Orthodox Apprentice is always a good read.

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