Friday, March 31, 2006

Shopping: Ugly Jeans

Need some new jeans?
This is what is out for spring.

The Gap is featuring distressed denim.
Express is charging a fortune for what they call Blasted Wash.
Ambercrombie (pictured) calls them low rise/destroyed.
There is a huge selection of ugly jeans at Old Navy.

They can call them what ever they want.
I'm not buying ugly jeans.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

National Doctor Day

Today is National Doctor Day, a day to show appreciation to your doctor.

I personally do not have a doctor, as being self employed, I can not afford insurance.
But.... Next time I am sick and desperate enough to go to the urgent care clinic I will be sure to say...Thanks!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wasn't There a Movie Like This?

I seem to remember a movie where a pregnant girl literally moves into a Walmart store.
This guy did the same thing, but only for a couple of days.
Now, I am trying to think of that movie.

Shopping: Hurricane Katrina Stuff

Hurricane Katrina Stuff in showing up For Sale on Ebay.

I wonder how much I can get for a dead hibiscus uprooted by Hurricane Rita?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Astros: Who's on First?

Well, it's not Jeff Bagwell who will be starting the season and most likely ending it on the disabled list.
I just read over at TBIFOC that the insurance is not paying off eithor.

So I guess it will be Berkman at first?

Houston Astros

Meals on Wheels: Animeals

From: The Beaumont Enterprise

Nationwide Meals on Wheels programs are launching the Animeals program,
where pet food is delivered with the meals to help recipients defray pet food expenses while getting the nutrition they need.

What a great cause!

WALOP= We love our pets

The Apprentice: Week 5

This week our candidates made commercials for Norwegian Cruise lines.

Dan appointed himself PM and went to work at a manic pace alienating most of his team in the process. Everyone jumped on board with Lenny's idea for the spot, but were frustrated when Dan tried to do everything himself.

Roxanne stepped up for Synergy and even with Andrea's constant bitching, the team pulled off the win. The reward was a trip to a vault filled with diamonds and they even got to keep some.

Trump seem especially harsh in the boardroom.
He wanted Lenny sitting before him, but Dan refused to bring him in.
He tore into Tarek, even saying "Maybe Mensa should change the test".
Lee almost talked too much, he is rather smug....this one.
However, Dan could not defend his lack of leadership and so
Dan, You're Fired

The Apprentice Views did some liveblogging
Mike Barer says Andrea is a Type A, if that stands for annoying I totally agree.
Ann Althouse found the show dull without Brent
I always enjoy reading the synopsis by JoeRealty and RealtyNews

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Shopping: Roach Brooch

For a mere 80 bucks you can buy a jewel encrusted and
very much alive Roach Pin on tiny leash.

Looks like a fancy cat treat to me.

On the Canal: Sunny Sunday

After a chilly week it seems Spring is here and John says he needs to do some
"yard work"


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friday, March 24, 2006

Shopping: Retro Twinkies

Hostess Twinkies did not always have a vanilla cream filling.

Soon (for a limited time only) you can get these tasty treats in the orginal bananna flavor.

Don't like to eat Twinkies?
Well then you could use them for some strange experiments.

Deal or No Deal

I love Howie Mandel and his new show is so much fun.
Tonight this guys turns down a 76k offer only to end up with 8 bucks at the end of the game.
Because his wife said so.
Then she tells him "that's OK honey"
like it's all his fault.....ha.

I'm So Blonde: (and I get lost easily)

I had to go to the north side of Houston to pick up a key.

My destination is on "the beltway" and if you have not been to Houston, that is a tollway.

Well, I had a pretty good idea where I was going but printed a Yahoo map, you know just in case.

Big Mistake!

I spent the whole morning circling up, down and all around the Hardy Tollroad and Beltway 8 Paying tolls umpteen times.

Now, I should have just gone straight up the Gulf freeway and on the Beltway Feeder a couple of miles....for free and would have if I hadn't printed that damn Yahoo map.

Friday Cat Blogging: Rhett's Hiding Place



Rhett says: how did you find me?

See Rhett and all the cute pets at The Friday Ark and don't miss Sunday's Carnival of Cats hosted this week at Scribblings.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Apprentice: It's a Boy

The Donald and wife Melania welcome a baby boy,
Barron William.

Maybe the new Mom will post pictures on her official site.

Fabio...You're Fired

Fabio has been fired by the butter people.
You can vote for his replacement here or play a really stupid "Ask the hunks game" if you can't decide.
And no, it's not as freaky as watching him get hit in the face with a bird.

The Apprentice: Week 4

The task this week was fairly simple, make a bill board featuring the new Grape Nuts Cereal.

PM Tammy and Team Synergy came up with an ad that would make a great magazine page but was way too busy for a billboard.
Gold Rush led by Charmaine had a cleaner look, a clear win, and as a reward a chance to cook with Chef Jean-Georges.

The previews said Brent will go "way over the line" or something to that effect but really there was just a lot of shots of him sitting on the street trashing his team-mates. I am happy to see him go if for no other reason that now maybe the editors will concentrate on showing us less talk and more task.

NBC official site
The Apprentice at Yahoo
Pain of the Week Contest
Bill Rancic's Blog

It's a Boy

The Houston Zoo has new baby and will be announcing a naming contest soon. What a face!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Lake Millwood, AR

We made a quick trip out to Millwood State Park.


It was rainy and cold but it was fun to drive around.


Next time we are up that way
we would like to rent a cabin and do some fishing.

The Boyz Were Missed..But

We had 3 lovely kitties to play with in Arkansas

Snowball is 13 years old and loves headbonks

Redbud is a big purry mushy lovebug
He had surgery recently for a tumor and his hair is just growing back

I tried to take a pic of Bo-Bo and Redbud got his tail in the way

Bo-Bo says: My brother is rude!!

Home Again

We made a quick trip to Arkansas this weekend.
Our friends that we visit live out in the woods and it's so nice to sit and watch the animals.
The deer come to eat corn daily, but it was too dark for a picture.
They were kind enough to leave a treat for this bunny and his squirrelly buds, though.
The birds are so pretty all kinds, This pretty cardinal kept chasing off the smaller birds so he could have the yummy seeds all to him self.
It rained most of the weekend, but we went to some antique shops and drove out to the lake. It was a nice break.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Welcome Back Ice Cube?

Adding to old TV being remade into new movies is
Welcome Back Kotter.

Too bad Travolta will be busy doing Dallas.

The Stow Away

We are going out of town for a couple of days and The Boyz are helping me throw some things together for the trip.

Rhett wants to include himself

Sorry Buddy!

See all the cute pets at the Friday Ark and this Sunday's Carnival of Cats will celebrating it's second anniversary at Music and Cats

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dallas, The Movie

Why are they doing this, and this?
And why would they film it here?
Instead of HERE?

Not that I won't go see it, I'm sure I will.

On The Island: New Stuff

The new Schlitterbahn Park has opened at last in Galveston, well part of it has anyways and just in time for Spring Breakers.

Also the new causeway that has been under construction like forever is now accepting outbound traffic. Rumor has it the other two bridges will be destroyed to make room for the new inbound causeway that will begin it's long contruction very soon.

Photo from Galveston Daily News

Stop Smoking Laser Therapy

I don't smoke, but know a lot of people who do. I've been hearing a lot on talk radio commercials about this cold laser therapy. Another site claims you will quit in 14 days guaranteed. They also spell Lazer with a Z instead of an S. Allllrighty then.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Apprentice: Week 3

The Return of Brent
Week three begins with Andrea bursting into tears at the realization that Brent was not fired.
Psst....The Donald hates crying, Andrea.

Meanwhile, Lenny is annoyed when he finds out Lee and Dan will not be participating in the next task do to the Jewish holiday.
Ok, he's pissed off.
We find out from Trump that George will also be absent.

The Task
Each team is instructed to organize a retreat for some GM dealers showcasing the new Chevy Tahoe.

Gold Rush forged ahead with no theme and little direction. PM Teresa believes in just assigning tasks and trusting hoping they get done correctly. Of course they don't. The generator did not get ordered, the golf course thing Tarek was setting up sucked and Teresa spends too much time laying blame and not taking charge.
The models Charmaine hires are pretty and dumb, make that pretty dumb and to top off the day the comedian she also hired offended the audience.

Synergy on the other hand under PM Andrea chose an outdoorsy type theme including fly fishing, skeet shooting, and rock climbing. After being informed shooting guns is not allowed in the park (duh) they opted for the maybe not much safer activity of golf cart racing. They then took the execs for rides in the Tahoe to help educate them about the new product.

To The Boardroom
The teams are rejoined by Dan and Lee and it's off to the boardroom to get the results.
Synergy is the clear winner and as a reward are sent to the aquarium to swim with the sharks.
Gold Rush seemed relieved that excerpts from the evaluation forms were not read aloud.
They go back to the suite where much yelling occurs.
There sure is a lot of yelling this season.

She's Fired
Theresa insists on bringing Lenny and Tarek to the boardroom.
Had she brought Charmaine, maybe she would have been spared.
As Lenny said, "too bad her brain is not as large as her boobs".
Citing a clear lack of leadership as the reason,
Trump tells Theresa...You're Fired.

Chevy Tahoe/Apprentice Contest
Pain of the Week Contest

NBC The Apprentice

Monday, March 13, 2006

Google Mars

Google has something kind of fun.
It's a Google map of Mars, you can look around and click related links.
I don't see any little green men but maybe NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will.

Monday Beer Blogging

A lucky woman in Oslo turned on the tap in her apartment to wash some dishes and beer came out instead of water. I don't think I would have been brave enough to taste it.
Well, maybe I would.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

More Fishin' Pics

Some friends came over last night to do some fishing.
8 year old Eric got a big flounder just moments after throwing in his line and it happened so fast I didn't even get a chance to take his picture!

a stingray for John

followed by a blue crab for Eric

and a trout

I love it when the kids outfish the guys....:)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

First Fish of Spring

John caught the first fish of the season today,
a little speckled trout


Of course he was thrown back to swim another day
(the fish not the husband)


And if you thought Spring only brings flowers and robins?
You were wrong.

Bubble Boy

Just a boy and his catnip bubbles.





Rhett says: MINE!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Shopping: Mystery Box is Back

Midnight Box has the $1.00 deal again today.

Not that we had any luck the first time or the second.

Maybe third time is a charm?


This link was sent out from our corporate office to use and to share with clients.

It includes a Google-Earth like mapping tool to find out the value of your homes in places you live or may want to live. Just put in an address, neighborhood, city or zip code.

Zillow is a beta site for now, but the searches are really fun to do and I wonder what else they will do here.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Big Announcement from NASA Today

The net is abuzz wondering what the big announcement from NASA today will be.
While lowly humans are waiting for the big news,
Laurence Simon is of course..... asking the cats.

Well, no little green men alert but water was found on one of Saturn's Moons.
I wonder if there are any weird lobsters in there.

Please Pass the Butter

A strange looking type of lobster has been discovered in the South Pacific.

No word on how it tastes.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Shopping: Pet Toy Product Alert

Please be careful if your kitty has a toy like this . We read on a message board today that an online friend's kitty choked on one of the googly eyes that had come loose (he's OK now)
Rhett has a similar toy, and now it is eyeless.

Rhett says: Hey! whose been messin' whiff my stuff?

If your pet blogs you may want to link to The Friday Ark.
See you there!

The Bachelor: Final Post

Thankfully, Dr. Travis and Sarah have finally
announced they are no longer a couple.