Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm So Tired

Well, they saved the hardest information for the very last day of corporate training so I am brain dead now. I stopped by McDonalds for a snack before hitting H-town traffic and I was so tired that I gave the girl my Victoria's Secret Credit card. She must have been so tired too because she sure scanned it like I could pay for my fries that way. I have more classes coming up, but they are not so long and not so many days in a row. When I got home there was a message from a place I applied to way back last summer when my store was closing.
Did I want to interview?
Hell no....:)

I'm so Blonde

So I hop on I45N to Houston yesterday, not realizing how much gas I have consumed with all this driving. I hit a big slowdown and notice a light is glowing on the dashboard. That's all I need is to run out of gas and have the city of Houston tow my car away. No doubt, you can go awhile with that light on but I don't know how long and in a panic fly down the exit ramp to a shell station.
Thank goodness there was a store there or I would have had a full blown anxiety attack for sure.

The Bachelor in Paris

Our bachelor has narrowed the field down to six ad now enlists the help of 2 formerly rejected bachelorettes, Jennifer and Shiloh. They will interview each bachelorette and choose who will go on the one on one dates with Travis.

Picnic in Paradise
Jehan is awarded the first date, a romantic picnic at the Eiffel Tower. During dinner, Jehan tells Travis she has been married before. Travis is obviously disturbed by this news. Surely he does not think these women are virgins, does he? Later, Travis presents Jehan with a little Eiffel Tower necklace and we can't help but think this feels like a game show parting gift. No rose is given, but Jehan is invited to hang around so he can possibly reject her later.
Run, Jehan, Run!

The Creepiest Stalkers Ever
The group date consists of Sarah Canada, Tara Drunkgirl, Susan and Moana.
A casual bike ride in the countryside turns into a competition when Travis announces the winner of a race will get a special prize. Moana wins and gets to be naked with Travis in the massage room. The other three are in the pool and discover they can watch what transpires through an underwater window.
Now....that's just weird.

Hometown Girl
Sarah Tennesse is so different from the others that I have to wonder why she is still around. After a lovely evening exploring Paris, she is given a rose. I like her and think her hometown dates should go well.

Moana Melts down
After overhearing the others trashing her, Moana breaks.
This scene seemed staged, but if it was not then Travis would do well to dump all three. None of them are mature enough to go forward IHMO. Travis bikes over to visit with the ladies before the rose ceremony, and she melts down in front of him too. Travis just looked at her all perplexed. We now know that our guy is not the sensitive type, don't we?

No Party Tonight
The rose ceremony was short and sweet.
As I predicted last week, Tara and Jehan were sent home.
Tara can't resist giving the bachelor a parting warning, burp.

The Rose Ceremony Game

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Carnival of Cats #97

Rhett says:
The Carnival of Cats is up and running at
This Blog is Full of Crap


Rafe says:
Really? Then why are we just sitting here?

A Winner!

Me and 30,586 other lucky people won $3.00 in the Texas Lottery last night.
Don't forget, you can't win if you don't play.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Walking for my Wealth

So I was able to walk this morning since I am working at home today. The pedometer says 2.44 miles and 5167 steps. I found -.01 cents and weight loss is + one pound. This would be because I saw a penny but left it (face down) and ate Taco Bell most of the week.
Not very productive, is it?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Dancing with the Stars

P. Miller and Ashley finally got voted off and all is good but not as funny.

Work, Work, Work

Now I am self-training this weekend followed by 3 more days in SpaceTown next week. If you miss me and/or the boyz, just click the links on the side bar and visit all those wonderful people and cats who have interesting things to say and time to blog about them. I'm sure I will have an opinion about something at some point but for now my brain is full of learning the business.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fur You, Mom

Rhett enjoys leaving little gifties in my shoes

Often my little hunter leaves a toy mouse or hair tie and

occasionally I am the lucky recipient of a dead bug,
today it is just a pipe cleaner.
I feel so loved.

See more adorable pets at the Friday Ark and
don't miss Sunday's Carnival of Cats at IFOC

Houston Drivers

I am not having fun driving through H-Town every day.
How in the heck do so many people crash up their cars when you can only go 20 mph in the first place? I'm glad I do not have to do this forever.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bathroom Blogging

I am working in the city this week in a really snazzy high rise professional building.
It's a lovely place with an on-site deli, password parking, and every other floor has employee only restrooms. So....Explain to me why it is necessary to have a sign inside each stall that says "please flush the toilet" in such a fancy building. These are professional women after all, they don't flush?
Truly I have no life right now aside from Houston traffic and new job training, and nothing to blog about but that did strike me funny and I did remembered to flush, I mean if anyone is wondering.

The Bachelor In Paris

Yet another Recap hour
In hour one of last night's two hour episode we are shown casting tapes of our bachelor, girls, and some that did not make the cut. We were also treated to an extended version of Kristen's crash and burn last week as well as scenes from former bachelors on equally bad dates. The dates and rose ceremony were also replayed with added scenes including a never before seen meltdown when Cole is rejected by her true love.

He needs a little help from his friends
In hour two, Travis enlists the help of 2 of his closest friends to choose the girl for the next one-on -one date. They put the girls through a hilarious interview process and I hope they show more of this at a later date. Susan is chosen for the date. Our jealous bachelorettes are left behind to chit chat about how she is here for "the wrong reasons" but none are surprised when Susan returns clutching a rose.

Careful of the Sharks, Travis
The group drinking date takes place on an overnight to the French Riviera.
Boating, swimming, and gambling are on the menu with the bachelor as a tasty side dish.
The date consists of Sarah TN, Shiloh, Moana, Tara, and Jehan.
Moana who has been aloof throughout the contest steals the bachelor for a jet ski ride sending the others into a Tizzy. Later Travis innocently presents Moana with the single date rose. That girl better be careful she does not get thrown overboard.

The Cruelest Rose Ceremony Ever
The final date is for Sarah Canada and Jennifer.
They are not happy to find out they are going camping.
They are even more not happy to find out that one of them will be sent home.
Travis chooses Sarah and leaves Jennifer crying by the campfire.

The Final Cocktail Party for Shiloh
Shiloh made the same mistake others have made on prior shows.
She tries to warn the bachelor that "some girls are not here for the right reasons" and is sent home for her trouble.

Maybe it's in the editing?
I'm having a hard time understanding why Travis is keeping always drunk Tara and Jehan around. If he is truly looking for a wife, he should send the party girls packing next week.

The Official Site

Monday, January 23, 2006

First Day Jitters

Is there anything more nerveracking than the first day at a new job?

It was OK, I don't like driving in Houston and glad that part is only for a couple of weeks.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

At the Movies: Tristan and Isolde

Before Romeo and Juliet, the trailer says, there was Tristan and Isolde.
James Franco plays Tristan, an English nobleman presumed dead and washed up on Ireland's shore to be nursed back to health by Sophia Myles the beautiful Irish Princess.
In order to further the agenda of Ireland, the king promised his lovely daughter's hand in marriage to the future King of England. Tristan is chosen to fight for this honor on behalf his adopted father, Marke, played expertly by Rufus Sewell.
No one suspects Isolde and Tristan are already lovers when she marries and begins her life with Marke. Beautiful photography and a solid story line make this an enjoyable movie experience. The Brave Heart like battle scenes are as would be expected for a story of this period, and not for the faint hearted.

Walking for My Wealth

I pushed the walk today as I am training in Houston next week and will not be getting home in time to walk. The pedometer says 6661 steps (ooh creepy) and 3.14 miles. I found a dime and 4 pennies, all right side up( thank goodness) for a total of 14 cents or a little less than a quarter of a penny per mile.
Hey, I could get rich doing this!
How's that for motivation?
Update: So a friend says my math is way off. Surely I will be a gazillionare soon.

They Grow Too Fast

Our littlest Grand, Lezley Mariah
is already 15 months.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Couple Time

I had John drop me at the nail shop while he ran over to his office to do a couple of things.
While I was getting glued and buffed, a couple came in for joint pedicures. Now, this is something I do not see ever me doing with my SO, but these folks seem to enjoy the experience. I told him about it after and he agreed that would be kind of wierd.
Then we went to Super (annoying) Walmart and Sam's Club too.
I said, "I hate it when you wait for people to pull out" and he said "you'll live".
I realized we do and say the very same things every weekend.
Maybe a joint pedicure would be nice, in a wierd sort of way I mean.

Like This Clover?

Rhett's friend Clover over at Me'Lange suggested he try sleeping in his bed upside down.
Apparently, Rhett wasn't sure if the bed should be upside down or himself.

Rhett says: this is not working very well

Impurrtant Update: Clover has graciously posted photos of the proper way to use a cubical style cat bed in the upside down position.


Rhett says: Thanks Clover, this is much better


So I am hearing noises from behind the bar and decide to sneak up on Rhett trying to defeat the cabinet locks and what do I find?
An accomplice!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is in town

ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home edition is in SpaceTown this week.
Royce Builders has a site with photos and the story of the family receiving the new home.
They are also raising money to help them with medical expenses for their twin girls, both of whom have leukemia.

Making room for bigger pants

I'm cleaning out my closet today and taking out every single thing that does not fit. I'm tired of pulling out things to wear that do not fit.
I'll just pack them up until Spring. Then I will walk my 5,000 steps. Then later I will munch on carrot sticks and drink water pretending I am eating an oreo and drinking a beer. I can do this.

Dancing With the Stars

The competition is heating up.
Jerry Rice's partner forgot to wear underwear I think.
George Hamilton is so funny begging for votes.

All the women did well and the costumes are amazing.
Master P still refuses to wear the proper shoes and the judges agree he should be the next to go.
I predict P's fans will keep in in the game and Jerry Rice will be eliminated tonight.

Update: Jerry Rice and P. Miller both move forward thanks to viewer voting. The elimination ceremony is kind of stupid and over the top, but I'll keep watching. Yup, I'm hooked.

Friday Cat Blogging

Rhett has a perfectly nice cubical style kitty bed.
Occasionally he actually sleeps inside of it,
as it was meant to be used.
Most of the time, however, he does this.
rhett's bed
Rhett says: I like it like that

But wait there's MORE!

See all the blogging pets at The Friday Ark and
Don't miss Sunday's Carnival of Cats this week at
Meryl Yourish . Com

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Avoiding a Wardrobe Malfunction

I go back to work in 4 days and I can't zip my pants.
The skirts I can zip, but they are clearly too tight.
Suzi Chen at Special Fried Rice posts her meal plans each day as well as her weight loss and exercise goals. I find this quite inspiring and enjoy reading her blog each morning. I don't think I am so brave, but I did buy a pedometer and am walking every day. Today I walked 2.14 miles, 4530 steps. I read I should be walking 5,000 steps so will finish that out today at the mall when I go buy some bigger pants. I would hate to bust a zipper my very first day, after all.
This sucks.

Run Around Sue Leif

Former 70's teen idol Leif Garret is in the news today.
I remember him very well from the covers of my beloved Tiger Beat Magazines. He was pretty darn cute back in the day.
How sad.

Cat Puke

Don't ya just love finding early morning cat puke even before you've had your coffee?
At least I didn't step in it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Maintenance Day!

My calendar says today is "Maintenance Day". I can find nothing about this on the WWW. I do need to get the oil changed in my car, so will celebrate it in that manner.
I'm not one to miss a celebration, after all.

The Naughty Spree Continues

Childproof cabinet locks are not Rhett proof


Rhett says:
I'll be over here with my toys

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm So Blonde

So I put some eggs on to boil for chef's salads later and proceed to go about my day.
I keep hearing popping sounds and start looking around to see what Rhett is doing now.
Rhett is sleeping soundly on my bed.
Oops....eggs are exploding in the kitchen.
If you think they look bad, you should smell them.

It's Cookie Time

My niece Gabbie (right) and thousands of other adorable Girl Scouts are once again selling their famous Girl Scout Cookies. They have many new varieties as well as some old favorites. Support your local Scout Troops and go buy some yummy cookies!

The Bachelor: The Dates Begin

Hour two of tonight's episode begins with the girls being shown to their new digs, a beautiful French Country Manor. Chris explains to them that there will be 2 group dates. Kristen, having been the last chosen to receive a rose will be awarded an individual date. One rose will be given on the group dates. Kristen's date will conclude with either a rose or a plane ride home.

Date One:
The first group date involved site-seeing in on a neat looking double-decker bus. They weren't looking at anything except the bachelor.
There was a lot of giggling and drinking.
Jehan went home with the prize.

Date Two:
Kristen was invited to cruise the Sein for her special date with the bachelor.
She is adorable, but clearly Travis does not think she is his type.
The girls predict she will not be returning.
They were correct.

Date Three:
The final group of women were treated to a helicopter ride over the city.
They were then sent to a champagne cave to get drunk.
One of the girls said, "we got the best date".
Tara was given a rose and I will throw in that she is my favorite to go all the way.
I mean in the game not what you are thinking.

The Rose Ceremony:
Following yet another cocktail party it is time to give out a few more roses.
The additional roses go to:
Sarah from TN
Sarah from Canada

and then there were eight.

Part One

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Bachelor: Drunk Girls Unplugged

Part one of tonight's 2 hour episode replays much of what we saw occur last week. Perhaps this is due to low ratings. No doubt many thought this show was pretty much over after last season's boring finale. Even former bachelorette and network sweetheart Trista was voted off Dancing with the Stars in the first round and the popularity of the show seemed to be a thing of the past.
The network teasers all week have promised "never before seen" this and that and fans were not disappointed. I appreciated that they sped up the limo entrances and rose ceremony for those that watched last week. Besides that left more time to see those silly girls choosing just the right underwear.
Do they have female camera people? I sure hope so!
We were also treated to an extended version of Allie G.'s meltdown moment, I mean moments. Ohmygosh, that chick has issues.

To be continued.

Happy Birthday Lorie

Hope your day is wonderful

Even More Glamour

Lexi J. (center) and her best buds at her
Club Libby Lu Birthday Party.

FAX drama update

So the printer is also acting wonky and thinking I should not get started in a new job with faulty equipment go shopping for new stuff.
John agrees we should at least consider this.
Truly he is tired of hearing me complain.
After searching various online sites, I decide on an all- in- one mid-priced HP.
When we get to the store, I decide I do not want to spend more money until I make some.
Surely I can make the old stuff last a little longer, I conclude.
John says, we are buying this and calls for a salesperson to help.
Can we ever make the same decision at the same time?
I doubt it.
We spent the afternoon installing and it seems to be working OK, except I am getting an error message that the phone line is "weak" whatever that means.
It appears I may not be able to use the line for a phone in addition to the fax.
The telemarketers will be devastated I'm sure.

Out with the old

In with the new

The best part is I got what I wanted and it was his idea....Sort of

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Glamour Girls

What little girl doesn't like to play dress up?

Kelsey is quite the movie star


And Sydney is just plain cute

I Sorry, Paw

I think Rhett got the hint that his Paw is not happy with him this week has been extra affectionate this morning.

Maybe it was John calling him names like FishBait and FutureFeral that did it?


john and rhett
Rhett says: Scratch my Butt

Saturday, January 14, 2006

More couple time

So I am trying to get my home office set up and trying to get this old fax machine to work.
It hasn't been used for at least 2 careers, well I think maybe I made a copy on it 3 years ago.
I'm ready to scream, it's a dusty piece of crap.

First there is an issue with with using one phone line for phone/fax.
It don't wanna share no matter how many ways I plug them in.

Then it has all kind of "alerts"
out of ink, paper jam...blah blah blah
He made me dig out the book, and by some miracle I actually found it.
He is reading every little thing.
I say let's just buy a new one, I have no patience for this.

Shopping: Couple Time

Hubby and I get along pretty well most of the time, but Saturday food shopping is not very fun with him. It's really not his fault. I hate to go in the first place and so already I start out grumpy.
But still, it has to be done and I appreciate having the help when it comes time to lug the purchases upstairs to the house.

Here are my issues with couple time shopping at Super (annoying) Walmart.

First: I don't like how he parks.
He will circle 10 times for just the right spot, or sit and wait for people to pull out.
He will even stalk shoppers leaving the store to see where they parked.
I, on the other hand prefer to park farther out next to a cart caddy.
Easy and simple.

Next: there is the shopping itself.
I often, but not always work from a list.
I pretty much know what we will need for the week.
He picks up and fills the cart with whatever he knows he likes from the end cap displays.
This is why we have 7 bottles of ketchup in the cabinet.
I also like to push the cart myself.
I tell him I think better if I am pushing.
He wanders off reading labels.
Sometimes I lose him that way.

Then: there is checking out.
He wants to help put the stuff on the belt.
I prefer to group things so they get bagged more easily.
When I say let me do it, he gets his feelings hurt.
Which brings me to paying.
I pay by debit and I never let him do that either because by the time he gets out his glasses and gets ready to scan his card and enter his PIN, we could have been all the way home.

Lastly: there is loading it in the car.
What is it about men arranging things in the trunk of the car?
It takes him forever to put those bags in just so.
Then, he has to walk a mile to put the cart away.
I just chunk the bags in.
I don't care how they are arranged or if the bread gets squished.
And, I park next to a cart caddy.

So there it is.
And.... don't get me started on what happens when he wants to help put the food away.

Naughty Spree

Rhett is in so much trouble this week.

First he chewed up/scratched up the grips on John's new exercise machine.
He must have had a good 'ole time because there were little black pieces of rubber even on my keyboard, where he dumped off half of my desk.
We have to take the thing apart every time now and put that part in the closet.

Speaking of my desk, he has decided behind is a fun place to bat his jingle balls and unplugged the power strips twice this week. I walk into a dead computer and have a heart attack.

Yesterday morning I see more black stuff is everywhere. There is rubber on the foot part of the exercise machine too, I mean there was.
A red glitter ball was sitting there as evidence.
Rhett was napping peacefully nearby.

Last night John caught him jumping full force at the kitchen cabinet where the dishwasher is. Notice I said at not on.
This morning the dishwasher was wide open, the little shit has found out how to open it so he can play inside for some reason only a naughty kitty can understand.

Even while I am typing this, I had to stop and rescue my flip flop from the jaws of destruction.

Bad Kitty!
Rhett says: Who me?

Friday, January 13, 2006

More Dancing With the Stars

Ha, I was so right!
BuBye Tatum.

Does anyone else think its weird that they make the competitors come back the very next day in the very same outfits?
I can't wait to see Master P stomping around in the Tango, his partner may need to forgo the dancing shoes as well and get some steel toed boots.

Dancing with the Stars

What George Hamilton lacks in dancing ability he makes up for in personality.
What a crack-up. Master P continues to perform in basketball shoes.
I think both will move forward and predict Tatum O'neil to be voted off.

Official Site

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