Monday, October 31, 2005

Struck me funny...

Passing by the TV
I heard the announcer say

ABC World News Tonight
sponsored by.....
Waste Management


Eek a Mouse!!!

I noticed Rhett was staring intently at the patio door and wondered what could be so darn interesting out there when I saw the mouse.

Eeek!! I hate those little monsters.
It only took a second for me to realize this little monster was on the INSIDE of the patio door.
It was a BIG mouse, maybe it is even a small rat ...Eeek!

Get it Rhett!!--- I said running away and up the stairs.
I called John and he laughed and said let the cat earn his keep.
No sympathy here.
Well, unsure what to do next, I just went for a walk and let the mighty hunter do his thing.

I returned about 45 minutes later, came in upstairs and started to creep slowly down the staircase worried about what I may find down below.
Rightway, Rhett came running up to me proudly clutching his prey in his mouth...yuck!
Here Meowmy....I got somefang fur ya!

I was relieved (though completely grossed out)
but then....
He dropped the mouse and it started to run off.
Oh, no no no no...This is so not acceptable....I though it was dead!

Well, clearly it wasn't running too well and Rhett caught it again and started batting it around.
Rafe in the meantime was just sitting and watching.
He could care less if he had a turn with the Rhett's prize toy.

I grabbed the camera and took a pic, because I didn't think John would believe
it was a such BIG MOUSE (or maybe even a small rat)....ewww.

Finally I decided to scoop it up with an old towel into a garbage bag.
Rhett saw me coming and, realizing what my plans were, took off with it.

"Good boy" ---I say calmly and lovingly--- "give Mommie the mousie now".
He dropped it for a moment and I scooped it up, but I was so grossed out I missed the bag. Rhett snatched it yet again and trotted off behind the computer desk where I cannot reach him.

Well, by now I have decided the poor little mousie had suffered enough.
I chased Rhett out from desk area and grabbed the mouse up one last and successful time.
Rhett was not happy with me, sorry buddy.

I felt bad throwing it out in a bag like that, but it did seem less cruel than letting the cat continue his torturous ways.

I sure hope this is a one time thing.
John is picking up some kitty safe traps on the way home today.

The photo is here, I didn't want to gross anyone out by posting it.

So, how was YOUR day....:)

The Apprentice

Just for fun, a couple more sites belonging to the candidates.

Josh's GoSmile business site looks pretty good, except you can't buy online.
Clay mentions the show on his Real Estate site.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rafe says.......

This week's Carnival of Cats is hosted at Watermark.
They have a really cool halloween theme.

Rhett says.....I got a rock

Happy Howl-o-Ween

Saturday, October 29, 2005

On the canal.....

This pretty birdy was on my neighbors dock.
He stayed in that same position for a very long time.
For a moment I was unsure if he was real or a decoration.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging

Rhett wanted to snuggle,
but for some reason Rafe snapped at him and chased him off.
Not the type of kitty to give up easily,
he later snuck back up onto the futon to be near his grouchy brother.

(click for full size)

The Boyz have their very own Halloween Page
and to see even more blogging pets visit this weeks Friday Ark

The Apprentice

Episode 6 begins with the teams being instructed to pre-select a project manager and meet in the board room.
Everyone is seated and waiting for The Donald to enter through his special door. Carolyn explains that "She" is in charge today....Cool.
Each Project Manager is allowed to send 3 losers to the other side, and now the teams are not boys and girls anymore.

The task is to host a sports day at a Dick's Sporting Goods location.
Sounds easy enough.

Capital Edge went with PM Alla (my projected winner) and chose to host a "Family Golf Day", even though none of them actually play golf.
They decide to set up a little PuttPutt type area for the kids to play in the hopes they can grab the grownups attention long enough to sell some products.
Clay quickly became a thorn in Alla's side.
She said she felt like she was having to be Clay's mother rather than his boss.
Maybe she should have given him a Time-Out...haha.

Excel was lead by Josh.
At James' suggestion they decided to go with baseball and constructed a batting cage for kids to hit some balls.
The boys were excited about the huge baseball diamond that was constructed in the store, but Marshawn and Rebecca were concerned that there was no room for product placement.

The day of the task:

At first glance, Excel's baseball day appears to be very successful.
There is a long line of kiddo's waiting to take batting practice.
No-one is buying anything!
Jennifer, the self appointed Beauty Queen of Sales is selling pretzels instead of radar guns.
This can't be good.

On the other side of town, Capital Edge is in full swing.
The customers seem to be enjoying the event.
The team is working together and those cash registers are ringing sales.

In the board room:

Carolyn gets Trump on speaker phone to give the team's results.
Capital Edge boosted sales by an amazing 74%.
Bill reports that Excel did not do so well.
If fact sales in their department actually dropped by 34%.

Mark and Josh quietly decide to throw James and Jennifer under the bus.
I guess they didn't see Jenn fighting for her life last week, good luck with that, guys.

In the board room part 2:

As Team Capital Edge is enjoying their reward of a deep sea fishing trip, Excell is dragging suitcases and preparing to meet the wrath of Donald Trump.
The Donald enters through the special door.
He reminds the team that they have just experienced the biggest defeat of all time.
Trump then calmly asks the team why they failed which sends Jennifer and Josh into a frenzy of a screaming match.
The team agrees that Marshawn and Rebecca did the best they could selling product in the limited area they were given and are sent back up to the suite with the *damn lucky to be exempt* Brian.
The rest of the team is ordered back to the boardroom where someone will be fired.

The boardroom part 3:

Josh, James, Jennifer and Mark are sitting across from Trump.
Even before Jenn can finish her having her melt down, Donald says.
Your all fired....Go home.....Go home.
The visibly stunned quartet drag their bags out to the street where they are put in a taxi.
Fans are left wondering if the season will now be 3 weeks shorter.

Read Bren's Yahoo Blog

The Apprentice

Before I get into this weeks episode, I found the funniest thing.
Kendra Todd's (Season 3 winner) personal web-site.
The flash intro and music is so tacky that I really expected to see porn in there.
Instead, the site features photo after photo, glamour shot style and pretty much zero substance.
What was she thinking?

Thursday, October 27, 2005


You can blame MLB for making the 'Stros leave the roof to Minute Maid open.

You can blame Phil Garner for bad management.

You can blame individual players.
(a few come to mind)

You can blame the officials for bad calls.

You can blame Fox and the rest of the press for one sided commentary and opinion.

You can blame the team in general for losing heart, but then you need to blame the fans that were crying in their beer instead of cheering for that ONE good hit that could have saved us.

I mean you could blame just about anyone or anything.
You could just be happy with the fact the Astros finally got to play in a World Series.

Yeah, Right

Rhett says:
I'm taking my ball and going home!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Go Astros!

I gave up and fell out in the 13th, but it is just as well.
What the Good Guys lack in winning, they seem to make up for with drama.
I thought I would look around the net this morning and see how others are dealing.
I really do not have thought of my own today.

Rafe says....
que sera sera

Laurence Simon again asks readers to vote for Least Valuable Player
H A W S P I P E tackles the "no black players" issue
Mad Oilman has a theory
Meredith has some late night ramblings
I enjoyed reading John Bigenwald's random thoughts
Alan thinks the Sox are getting some breaks

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Go Astros!

They are getting Minute Maid Park all spruced up for the big series.
There seems to be some controversy whether the roof will be opened or closed.
MLB has an opinion as do the fans.
I think the players like it closed and that's good enough for me.
Not that my opinion counts for anything.

BTW: Some lucky fans were chosen by a last chance drawing to buy tickets to this weeks games.
unfortunately I was not chosen.

Update: Still no word on MLB decision on the roof at Minute Maid.
Sam Malone devoted his entire radio show this morning to the subject.
Pretty much every caller resented MLB telling us what to do in our City.
Astro fans want what they know?

Udate 2:
It's open....if you are lucky enough to be there....yell LOUD!

At the movies....

The Great Broadway show The Producers is being remade in movie form.
I'm really looking forward to it after having seen it in NYC.

I never saw the 1968 version, I will have to rent that one.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Go Astros!

A lot of fans are live blogging and I do not plan to do so but I have a few observations.

1. Lou Rawls is way too important to be singing in the rain with no umbrella
2. That blonde on Fox gets on my nerves
3. It looks cold up there, I'll bet the Good Guys will be happy to get home to Texas
4. It must be windy too, because that blonde's hair is blowing even with all that hairspray
5. Ausmus looks hot in that beard
6. The Texans suck....oh sorry, that is whole 'nother post.

Postgame: Wahhh...that did not just happen again!

Baby Rhett says....

Hurry over the Carnival of Cats,
hosted this week at Mind of Mog

Go Astros!

It's only game one, right?
The Good Guys will pull it out tonight, right?
They are just getting warmed up, right?
Go 'Stros!

Laurence Simon asks readers to vote on LVP.
I would like to vote on which player should keep the beard.
My pick is Brad Ausmus...*sigh*

Saturday, October 22, 2005


John needed some stuff at
Lowe's to fix our poor little crappy lawnmower.
I offered to tag along, hoping the Christmas Stuff was out and it is.

*happy dance*

They had these huge blow up globes, the snow flies around in there.
Our yard is too small and the price is too big, but they were cool to see.

We went to Sam's Club after and they were 50 dollars cheaper, though.

Last year I wanted this outdoor lighted palm tree and John said, no we don't need it.
Well, no being not acceptable I went back by myself to get it and they were sold out.
This year, the trees were there again and John said...Just get one so you won't bitch about me not getting one last year.

I also picked up some candles and stuff.

Go Astros!

There has been some talk around town whether or not the Good Guys should keep those funky looking Play-Off beards they are sporting throughout the World Series.

Now...I can't believe anyone would even consider having our 'Stros change anything they have been doing up til this point.

Go Astros!

We are Soxless in Houston!

Go 'STROs!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Go Astros!

There is a major Pep Rally going on downtown this morning.
I'd love to be there.
Mayor White declares a No Socks (Sox) weekend.
Herb Taylor of the Galveston Daily News remembers the Colt .45s.
and even Dallas has gotten Astro's Fever.
I love it!

Friday Cat Blogging

I was going through some old photo files and came across The Boyz baby pics

Baby Rafe...then

and now

Baby Rhett....then

And now

best buddies...then

and now

Visit the Friday Ark

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Apprentice

Week five finds the Blonde Brigade regrouping.
Marshawn ( I like her) tells the blondes, the bickering must end.
The Boys Club are patting themselves on the back....again.

This week's task is to create a parade float for a movie that nobody can seem to pronounce the name of.
The girls are offered someone from the other team to help round out the numbers.
They quickly snag Randall.

The boys seem to have a real edge (pun intended), getting to play with power tools and all.
Project manager Brian quickly gets annoyed with Markus, as does Josh and the rest of the team.

Beauty Queen Blonde Jennifer is PM of the girls plus Randall team.
If the boys think Markus is a pain in the ass, they should have to deal with Kristi.
Allah (my projected winner) is upset when Jen zips off to go shopping 45 minutes before the presentation.

The presentation:
Brian talks too much, I think these guys did not want to be compared to "Jumanji" but at least Brian pronounces the name of the movie correctly.
Poor Jen, says the name wrong, not once...many times....the execs are laughing.
Bill and Carolyn are laughing too, Jen is cute but clueless.
Allah: "the presentation was a disaster"

Trump heads off to meet with the Sony Executives:
Excell yet again is the winner hands down.
Brian gets the exemption.
Capital Edge is sent to the boardroom while the boys are sent onto their reward, a chance to make a song in a recording studio.

In the boardroom:
Jen tries to throw Kristi under the bus.
Randall and Marshawn join in.
Kristi pulls out the trailor trash (I still say fake) accent and is invited back to the boardroom.

Back in the boardroom:
Jennifer must defend letting Kristi run over her.
It really looked like Jen was getting the boot, but
Trump: "Kristi you're fired"

Note to Apprentice Candidates:
If you find yourself saying Crap and Shut-up a lot, you might not be Trump material

Bu-Bye Kristi

Kristi: "Shut-up...I don't even want to hear it"

At the risk of this re-cap getting too long I would like to say how much I enjoy Carolyn speaking her mind more often in the boardroom this season. She is a real sharp cookie.

Bren's Yahoo blog
Sage Lewis thinks maybe Jen was blinded by her own beauty.
The Apprentice Views says fire Donald Trump
The Apprentice Blog explains why Kristi took the hit
Mike Barer renames the girls team

Real Estate School

I'm so annoyed.
2 of my certificates of class completion have my initials on them, and not my full name.
TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) says they need to be remade.
No problem, I drove all the way to the north side of Houston with them to the main campus last Thursday.
They said the computer was down and they would mail them the next day.
They needed me to leave the originals....*ack*.
They were kinda rude, like it is MY fault they did not make them out correctly in the first place.
It's been a week now, and no certificates.
Now, these people never answer the phone....Leave a message...BLEEP.

I am giving them one more day to return my call, or have those papers in my mail box.
Don't make me drive the Beltway to come up there again, folks.

In the mean time, I am trying to devote a couple of hours a day to practice testing online and re-reading my text books and notes.
Today, is Texas Real Estate Contracts.

Rhett says.......BOR-ING!!



Get your Astro's gear here
and root for the Good Guys!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Happy Birthday.....


Rafe says..

Go Astro's!!


I went to the mall today.

I had a Bath and Body Works coupon burning a hole in my purse.
I love the products, but I hate how aggressive the sales people are in there.
I'm a big believer in providing good customer service, but those folks are really way over the top.
I've gotten to where I even hate to go in there.

I also took a look around some of my regular stores.
Soon I will have to give up my desperate housewife status and wanted to see what was new.

I am so not impressed with Express this fall.
I am even less impressed with The Limited.
Both stores have become over trendy as well as over priced.

On the other hand Casual Corner has updated their look and has become more stylish and less matronly. The good news is I loaded up on "going back to work soon" outfits at 40% off.
The bad news it the location I prefer is closing soon. I really hope it is just the one store and not the whole chain. That would really suck now that they are getting cute work clothes.

DSW Shoe Warehouse is across the street from the mall.
I have no comments about the fall line at the risk of incriminating myself.

On the canal.....

Our duck population took a large jump.
I'm wondering if this group of mallards is just passing through.
I was throwing bread to them but, they were not very friendly.

The white duck IS a regular and looks funny among his wild cousins

They ate a little bread and went along their way


Wilma Watching

Update: Florida is looking at a CAT5 storm now

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Apprentice

This weeks episode found the Blonde Brigade once again gunning for Toral.
Not that she doesn't deserve to be next on Trump's chopping block, but they were more concentrated on pushing her out than winning the task---to create a new character for DQ to advertise "The Blizzard".

The guys created a DQ Genie, and the good 'ole boys at Dairy Queen ate it up.
I won't comment on Mark in that I won't go there.

The goofy thing the girls came up with was given the boot.
I was yelling.....hello? Shoudn't it say DQ somewhere?
Clearly that red spoon is not good brand recognition.

Kristi is annoying, I think the accent is fake and I think if the girls lose again, she is next to go.
I also think that if the girls do fail next week, The Donald will mix up the teams.

I am still predicting Randall and Alla for the final two.
Josh is a possibility, I think he is holding back for his shot.

To the boardroom, someone will be fired.

Really all Toral had to do was keep her mouth shut.
After all, she contributed nothing to the task, and was not the reason it failed.
OK.....she wouldn't wear the stupid costume.
The Blondes only wanted her to wear it, because they are so damn mean anyways.

Well, Toral did NOT keep her mouth shut and Trump said "You're Fired" without even considering who DID lose the task.

Note to Apprentice Candidates:
If your plan is to fly under the radar, you need to keep your mouth shut in the board room.

Bu-Bye Toral


Bren's Blog at Yahoo
Reality TV makes a good point
Sage Lewis goes into much detail
Barers of Maple Valley thinks a lot like I do


The Galveston Daily News is featuring local residents telling their personal
"Stories from Rita".
I was in line at Super Walmart the other day, and the lady behind me commented on the fact that I had both Halloween stuff and Christmas stuff in my basket. She said "A few weeks ago we thought we would not be celebrating any holidays, didn't we?".

Yeah....I know

Monday, October 17, 2005

Go Astros!

I guess I'll be watching the World Series from my very own living room, I wasn't chosen in the Astro's lottery to purchase tickets...phooey!
Off to buy snacks for tonight's game, after all they are not there yet.

Update: I'm still not believing what just happened.....argh!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rhett says.....

This week the Carnival of Cats is hosted at
Where Dolphins Play
They have a really cool Howl-o-ween theme this week.
Seeya there!

The Apprentice

Well, I haven't watched it yet.
The Astro's were playing and I taped.
I have even resisted going to the official site to see who got fired.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


The weather guy says they are watching "something" that could become TS Wilma.
Wilma being the very last name on this years hurricane naming list.
Well hell.. we can't not finish the list now can we?

We had a little teaser of a cool front early in the week, but in typical SE Texas fashion,
it is hot again.

I grabbed my camera this morning when I took my walk.
These White Herons were just kind of milling around the Bayou.
So pretty!


I just had to get one of those big scarecrows for the yard.
I didn't get to decorate much last year, since we were just moving in.

I'm not sure why this amused me but it did


Here he is alive and well.

John has cut back the Hibiscus, they had gotten pretty beat up in Rita

I think I'll get some pumpkins and stuff to go around him today.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging

I put a hummingbird feeder out the other day.

I haven't seen any yet, but I think Rhett did!


He helped John fix the screen


I'm glad he didn't fall that's a long ways down!


Rhett says....
Who? Me??


Visit the Friday Ark

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I had to go to the grocery store today for just a few little things.

I hate it when you are trying to remember what to buy because you didn't make a list thinking you can remember what to buy and....everyone is talking on their flipping cell phones.
Not that I am into eavesdropping, but it is very hard to concentrate with so many conversations going on.

I started out in produce, where a 20 something has her big butt and cart parked directly in front of the Roma tomatoes. She is going on about the need for a castration. I got the feeling she wasn't talkin' bout no French Poodle either. Excuse me, I just need some tomatoes.

On to dairy next and trying to reach the cheese around a middle aged lady dressed in a nice suit and taking a business call. Sounds like a deal is about to fall through.

In the beer aisle a college aged couple are loading up on Corona and he is calling in sick to work....*cough cough*. Must be Astro's fans.

I head down the center of the store where the soups are kept. A young lady is crouched down on the floor arguing with her Mom over whether she is blind or the store does not carry this all important thing she has been sent to find. I vote for blind.

Heading back I nearly crash into a lady who is talking to herself.
Oh no she's not, she has one of those earpiece thingys for her phone.
Truely someday she will kill someone driving like that.

Finally I am at the checkout behind a lady with a 3 rowdy kids.
I do not understand a word she is yelling to whomever she is yelling at.
At first I thought she was speaking a strange language, but then I realize she is yelling with a mouth full of-- not yet paid-- for potato chips.
Rude on too many levels.

I got home without most of what I needed.
Tomorrow I go in more prepared.
Earplugs and a list.


I signed up for the Astro's lottery to win a chance to buy World Series Tickets.
How cool would that be?