Saturday, November 29, 2008

Work Related

I kind of chuckled when I saw this
but since
I just took a sign out of the yard from
one of my own unsold listings
I'm thinking
maybe it would have been funnier
on another day

Thursday, November 27, 2008

After Ike Update: The Screened Porch Project

As luck would have it,
part of someones brand new deck
was mixed in with the storm debris.

We held back this healthy looking material
and were able to freecycle it
along with some parts of the fixtures from
downstairs into the porch project.

It is my hope that whomever lost the deck was also the lucky
recipient of something he could get use out of
from his own big mess of surge debris

John calls it his "porch of many colors"

Of course it will get painted, but it IS very festive.
Don't you think?

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tummy Tuesday!

It's Tummy Tuesday
every Tuesday at
LisaViolet's Diary

Sunday, November 23, 2008

After Ike: End of Week Update

I got the paint for the bathroom and if it looks bright?
It is!
I plan to repeat this in the bar area, and I have
another bright color for the media area.

As soon as we find, bring home, and install the
tile we can put in the sink and toilet.


While we wait for tile, John started on the screen porch.
Some of the wood is pretty rotted so he is replacing that
as he puts on the new screening.

This is a very time consuming project considering most of the
work must be done by ladder, but he is making good progress.


I found these at EBAY


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Comcast Update: I'm back ONLINE!!

The Comcast guy came as promised and the probem was outside as I have suspected all along.

It took him all of 1o minutes to fix me up and a after a quick modem reboot I am set to surf the web at high speed once again.

I even got a call from customer service today to make sure everything is all good.
(Like I would have let the dude leave my house if it wasn't)

Thankyou for reading my blog, Mr. Comcast surfer!


I saw the grossest thing at the grocery store today.
This whiney little brat was sitting in the cart ahead of mine and guess how Mom shut him up???

She opens a bottle of KARO syrup and hands it too him.
The kid starts drinking like it is a bottle of milk.

I had to change lines, I really did.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tummy Tuesday!


It's Tummy Tuesday
every Tuesday
at LisaViolet's Diary

Sunday, November 16, 2008

After Ike Update: We have Paint!

The texturing and primer painting is completed!
We have chosen the tile and now have to make the
big wall color decision.

I have not washed off the water line from the door because
I want to document it some how in the new "cantina"

By the way, this is one of John's new closets
His tools will go in here.
Cool huh?

Connection Drama

I can't get on the internet with my cable modem and after a long wait to talk to someone, I was told to exchange my modem. He says I can do this at any retail location to be found on the Comcast website.

I went to the website to find out where to exchange my modem and there is a list of Walmart stores in there, none of which have anything to do with Comcast.
I call again and wait a long time again, but got an address for the closest Comcast store.
I go to this place and exchange the modem. She is annoyed that I forgot the power cord, but I promise to bring it later and she gives me the modem.

I connect the new modem and my computer can not install it with out a disk.

I go back to Comcast the next day and get a disk.

I put in the disk and this disk wants to set up my email account.

It can not do this task until the modem is installed.


Someone commented to this post and invited me to email my account information.
I did, and got a call within the hour. After a few minutes of trouble shooting that did not result on me being able to access the internet they are sending someone to the house to check it out.
Is someone at Comcast in charge of searching key words and reading blogs looking for posts about themselves?
I don't know, but at least a resolution is possible.
I wonder if AT@T reads blogs too, I have been having some issues...hmmmm

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Saturday, November 08, 2008

After Ike Update: We have Walls!

John has gotten up the all of the sheet rock
at last and completed the taping and floating too.

Sink and Commode go here

Wet bar goes here

Big ass TV goes here...eventually

Lookin' Good!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging: Kate

KatieDon't has boarded the
The Friday Ark
and will be attending the
The Carnival of Cats
on Sunday hosted by very handsome
House Panthers

See you there!

After Ike: Excuse Me While I Scream in Frustration

So I am trying to find out what to do with the insurance check that is made out to the mortgage company and of course I get the automatic voice lady telling what numbers to push for this and that need. After going through several menus she says.

If your property was damaged in the recent storm event press star. A representative is standing by to take your call.

YES!!! They are standing by!!
*presses star*

I'm sorry, that is not a valid option.
Please press 1 for the main menu


Update: I did get through by hitting zero and I spoke to a human who says we have to mail them the check for endorsement.

I also got an email last night with a survey asking me to rate the customer service center.
My opinion is very important to them.
The link to this very important survey in non-working.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I guess my week wasn't bad enough because>>

I got rear ended on the way home from work last night.

I pulled over ( which is the law if vehicles are not too damaged to drive) then got out and looked around for the offending vehicle which was OF course NO where to be seen.

That's right...
The little bitch just took off and left me standing there with my broken bumper.

NOT cool.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

After Ike: The Roof

We get this ITTY BITTY check from the windstorm claim and not only is it not even CLOSE to being enough to even BEGIN to fix the roof...the damn thing is made out to the mortgage company so I can't even use it to buy any freakin' shingles.
They send me another letter giving us 120 days to get the roof inspected, fixed and certified or our coverage will cease to exist.
Here we were stupidly thinking the windstorm adjuster did us a favor by discovering the damage that we did not even know was up there.

This sucks.

Tummy Tuesday: Charlie

It's Tummy Tuesday
every Tuesday
at LisaViolet's Diary

Monday, November 03, 2008

After Ike: End of the Weekend update

We finally bought a lawnmower and the yard
looks a little better now.

The kids were here over the weekend and helped to
get the shower back in it's rightful place.

Old Shower, but new fixtures
Sink and Toilet coming soon

Some Halloween Ghouls..I mean Girls

Jaeley (Bee) Lezley (Fairy Princess)

Gabbie (Glenda) Lexi (Bat Girl)
and Sheila....ewwww