Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Apprentice: Time to Vote!

Tell Trump who YOU think he should hire here.

Ask the The Donald a question here

The Yard Overgroweth

Lots of rain and flooding in Houston today

We are fine here, but gosh I sure wanted to get
the lawn mowed today.....nah.

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Apprentice: Pepi who?

Our final two candidates are summoned to the board room where they find out what we already know, that they are the final two.

They will each host a major charity function, no surprise here.

When they return to the suite, all the previously fired candidates are there waiting for job interviews. I found that confusing and thank goodness Lee put on some pants.

The first part of the final task may be the most important, choosing the teams.

It is no surprise that Sean picks Tammy, and Andrea may do well but Tarek....hmm.

Lee feels loyalty outweighs skill and goes with Lenny, no surprise here either, then Lenny pretty much chooses Pepi (fired in the second episode)
I was glad to see him go with Roxanne, she was my favorite most of the season.

Poor Brent is lurking around hoping to be chosen, yeah right.

The teams hit the ground running with Lee and his group planning a celebrity hockey tournament benefiting the NYC fire department. Lee is clearly shaken by the huge task, when the contact for the charity is demanding tough answers. I was thinking she has ideas of her own for the event and was waiting for someone to ask her. The best way to handle tough questions is to start asking questions back, that's what I always do and it gives me time to think while they are talking....ha.

Sean's team are planning a big event for the World Wildlife Fund and featuring a concert by BareNakedLadies.
While the planning of each detail seems stressful they appear to be moving forward.
The group is side-lined for a bit when Andrea takes sick, but I'm thinking they will bounce back.

I'm looking forward to next week and thinking Sean looks strong.
It could just be the editing though...Stay tuned!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Note to cats>>

If the electric bill for May is $304 it will only get higher which means you can no longer have the patio door open to go in and out at a whim when the AC is running.

Love, Meowmie

Ice Cream: Brenham, Texas

We stopped in Brenham over the weekend
the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream.


They were not giving tours but we did get a dollar scoop
of chocolate chip cookie dough.


Kitty Movie Monday

Rhett enjoys watching Animal Planet

See more Kitty movies today at CatCall

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Headed For The Hills

The Texas Hill Country that is for a family reunion

Those of you also traveling for the holiday,
have a safe and happy weekend.

Friday Cat oOps I mean Dog blogging

This is my grandpuppy, Prince Oren.



Isn't he pretty?

The Friday Ark

Friday, May 26, 2006

Note to Self>>

When visiting new construction with clients do not wear cute shoes in case the roads are not completed and you have to walk 2 blocks in the dirt to show the homes.


Super Sales Kitty

I was showing a house yesterday and when we arrived there was a big white cat sitting on top of a cat tree.

Well, she jumped down and in a very matter of fact way began leading us from room to room. After we saw the whole house she hopped back up on her perch and took a bath.

I'm sure those people do not have a clue what an awesome sales kitty they have.
I half expected her to offer us a drink.....ha.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Guilt Trip

So I go to grab my briefcase and


Clearly The Boyz do not want me to go to work today

Shopping: Vote Lee!

The Orthodox Apprentice is showing their support for candidate
Lee Beinstock by offering these great items through CafePress.

Now, the shirt is cute but why anyone
would want THIS is beyond me....ha.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Apprentice: My Design Ideas

Oh my gosh, I would have LOVED to do this task

First, I would put the front desk people in a traditional tailored jacket with an emerald shell.
Then I would give them a choice of two or three bottoms, a stylish pant and two skirts.
Hello? Who wants to wear the same thing every day?

The chef gets a traditional white jumpsuit or top and pant (two choices) with a green logo. Functional and traditional.

The Bell boy, a comfortable uniform in a stylish suit cut, not the dorky thing they are wearing now and not those ugly cuffs the girls came up with.

Now the maids I mean "suite keepers"
I would NEVER put those ladies in "coulottes"
First of all they are called gouchos or split skirts in the year 2006 Allie, dear
AND they make your butt look big even if you do NOT have a big butt.
These ladies would get functional uniforms and again, a choice of pants or skirts in a stretch type knit and a comfortable top.
I'm thinking grey and green pinstripes.

Ok, now that I've had my say I am looking forward to the finals with Lee and Sean
and did you see the Donald said Shit???
Too funny!
Allie and Roxanne....You are deservedly fired by the Donald AND the Fashion Police (me)

The Tomato

So for those of you who are following the progress
of the miracle tomato

I saw the vine around the tomato was looking pretty bad today.


So I picked it and when I turned it over I found


A really creepy looking conjoined twin

Think I can sell it on Ebay?

On The SoapBox: Property Taxes

I have pulled all the papers together that I will need to protest my property taxes , but it says on the protest form that you should call to set an "informal" hearing before sending in a request for a formal protest hearing.

Of course I have been calling this number on the letter all morning and only get a busy signal.

They can't even afford elevator hold music for all that money we pay?

Kitty Movie Monday: Just Feet, the Movie

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm So Tired!

I was showing property all day and kept getting lost and most of the houses were not what they looked like on MLS and some of the neighborhoods were horrible
but I didn't just say that because I cannot legally or ethically comment on the diversity of certain areas
and the clients were annoyed and I was annoyed and it's damn hot today

*insert deep breath*

Now, I am home and just want a beer, dinner and Desperate Housewives.

tomorrow is already Monday again, right?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Happy Mail

You know how you get something in the mail and you see who it's from and you are like, oh shit what now?

Well I got something from the MUD (water people) and I was like-- oh do NOT tell me you are raising the prices or the water is yucky and do I even want to open this?

Well I did and guess what?

It was a check!
They refunded our deposit (no interest of course) for a year of prompt payments and I'm glad I opened it, really glad

Free While it Lasted

Well, I've had fun using the Dropshots box to play around with the little movies my digital makes but now they say I have used my limit and it's time to pay.


Why I should not drink beer while blogging

100 word podcast challenge

Update: Wow a got a vote and I didn't even vote for myself!

The Tomato

The tomato has not grown any
but is turning red now.

And yes, there is only one.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Cell Phone Rip Off

So I was thinking I would upgrade my little picture phone to a PDA type because I do not have a lap top (yet) and I often need quick internet access while out with a client.

SO---Sprint has a Palm Treo 650 which is even recommended by corporate to access our work platforms and
Wow this is great!
the sign says

with new service blah blah blah

Well....Because I have had service for 7 years with no late payments and recently resigned with them for an even larger plan than they require for this price of $199,
I get to pay $449.

No Thanks

Fried Green Tomatoes

Mmmm, look what I found at HEB today!

SOrry Chandra!

Friday Cat Blogging: Just Feet

See more cute feet today at the Friday Ark.
The Carnival of Cats will be at IMAO on Sunday.
Join us back here on Monday for
"Just Feet-- The movie"

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The American Inventor

Ok, I did not blog this because I missed some episodes but....

Clearly no one invented Velcro here and even though the inventor of the giant car seat that will not fit any normal car DID win, the guys that did NOT win got great deals with sponsors and stuff.
In fact.
I think the losers may be better off.

Shopping: I wonder why...

You cannot buy a half loaf of bread.

I mean, really.
How hard would it be to package it that way?

Some of us cannot finish a whole loaf before it gets gross, and some of us have husbands who do not like to put bread in the fridge.

They do make those little specialty loaves, but they are too expensive and I do not like nuts and crap in my sandwich or toast.

Ok, I'm done.

Note to Self>>

Oregano tastes good in home-made salad dressing
Tsp and Tbs is not the same

Why do they always want to blame the Realtor?

I really doubt any realtor would sell a house full of bees on purpose.
At least I don't know any that would.

In Houston: Bad Drivers

Houston ranks #9 out of 20 cities surveyed for road rage.

Maybe people are only so angry because they are lost.
Houston was also recently ranked, Most Difficult City to Navigate.

I know getting lost really pisses me off.

I'm So Blonde: Or maybe Just Forgetful

A couple of weeks ago, well maybe three.....I picked up some avocados.

Well, they were kind of green so I stuck them in a paper bag to ripen up and chunked them in the corner of the cabinet with the bread.

So this morning I am throwing away some bread that had gotten moldy and...
Hey? What is in this bag over here????


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hurricane Season: 2 weeks and counting

Are you ready?

  • 60% of people polled have NO family disaster plan
  • 68% have NO hurricane survival kit
  • 83% have taken NO steps to make their houses stronger
  • 13% would NOT evacuate even if ordered to leave

  • Us?
    We will board up the windows, throw the cats in the car and run.
    We never unpacked from Rita.

    The Apprentice: What others have to say

    Well, I taped last night so I could watch Grey's Anatomy and somehow managed to only get the last half of the show. Apparently it is no longer replayed at MSNBC, at least I can not find it....sigh.

    I did get to see Tammy's melt down in the boardroom and Allie get busted by Ivanka and Bill for rolling her eyes...something that has annoyed me all season......ha.

    Here's what others had to say this week, enjoy.

    Nonny say's Allie is like the girl you hated in High School, Yeah....I remember her!
    Ann Althouse tells her readers that the proper term is "Eye Raising"....I like that!
    Mike's Summary will be delayed, he told his readers to read bad.
    Joe Realty is hard on the girls
    The Apprentice on our TV found episode 12 "hard to watch" least they got to see it!
    The Orthodox Apprentice is always a good read.

    On the Canal: Shark!

    Look what one of our neighbors caught in the canal!

    They posted this picture on our local message board.

    I wonder what the bait was?
    I want one too!

    Sunday, May 14, 2006

    At The Movies: Poseidon

    I usually don't go for remakes,
    but this one was great!

    It's Meowmie's Day and.......

    The Boyz got me flowers.

    Wishing all the Moms out there a wonderful day.

    Don't Miss today's Carnival of Cats hosted this week at Watermark

    What's Growing in My Flower Bed?

    A Tomato!

    And I have NO idea how it got there!

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    The Apprentice: My Take on Who's Left

    We are down to five candidates on NBC's The Apprentice.

    These are just MY opinions, feel free to leave your own in the comments

    Allie: I think it was Tammy that said Allie is like a bulldog. True she is aggressive, but sometimes overly emotional and that may be her downfall in these final tasks.

    Roxanne: Roxanne on the other hand seems rather UN-emotional.
    I think she will need to demonstrate more passion in the coming weeks to pull ahead.

    : Tammy is the quiet one, the peacemaker.
    I like her, but wonder if she is strong enough to pull off a win.

    : Sean seems like a strong candidate, but I can't help but wonder why he wants this job.
    I think he would be happier riding off with Tammy into the sunset.

    Lee: What can you see about Lee?
    He's young and smart and wants to work for Donald Trump.
    Unless he makes a major mistake, I think he'll have the job.

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Wordless Wednesday

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    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    The Apprentice: week 11

    It's the men against the women now that we are down to 6 candidates.

    The task is to co-ordinate with OutBack Steakhouse and throw a huge tail gate party at Rutger's homecoming football game.

    The guys, led once again by Lee have big ideas and appeared to have thrown a successful bash.
    They forgot one critical point---this is a selling task.

    Roxanne is PM for Synergy, and understanding the way to a win has nothing to do with cheerleaders, the trio sell their way to a big win.

    In the boardroom, there is no need to throw anyone under the bus.
    Trump is clearly disappointed in Michael's performance and without a lot of discussion says,
    Michael, you're fired.

    Excedrin Pain of the Week Contest
    The Apprentice at Yahoo

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Don't You Hate it When.....

    your SO, uses your car?
    I mean, I get that he is WAY bigger than me and has to adjust the seat.
    Why does he have to move the steering wheel, and worst of all change the station.
    I mean I fix the seat, but am already on I45N before I realize the wheel is wierd and the station is music and not TalkRadio.
    I mean, really.

    It's Not Friday Cat Blogging

    But sometimes you catch a moment
    that is just too sweet not to share

    Shopping: Touch Free Trash Cans

    I saw these at Sam's Club today, but didn't buy one.

    It was $59.00 in the store, and I felt that was a lot to spend on what may end up being a cat toy...ha.

    Drowned Alive!

    Don't forget this is the night to watch David Blaine
    drown his goofy self.


    He will attempt to hold his breath for 8-9 minutes and
    escape the human aquarium he has been living in for the last week.

    For some reason ABC is taking 2 full hours to get to the actual stunt,
    so I may just check in the last 15 minutes or so....or not.

    Update: Ok, I'm watching it....Apprentice blogging may be delayed

    Happy Birthday: Chandra

    I won't say you are a quarter of a century old now.

    Oops....I just did.

    love, Mom

    Kitty Movie Monday

    Rhett says: "Eat my litter Tom Cruise, I do my OWN stunts"

    Video Hosting - Upload Video - Photo Sharing

    Yup! That is an open stairwell.

    Sorry the movie is so dark,
    hopefully by next week I will have this whole thing figured out.

    See more kitty movies today at CatCall

    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    Shopping: Shorts in the Work Place?

    I know the fashion magazines and retailors are telling us we can do this for spring and summer, but I can not bring myself to meet with a client wearing shorts.

    Not that the look isn't cute, it just doesn't seem appropriate for work.

    (photo from

    Don't You Hate it When.....

    You throw something away because you didn't need it anymore and then later you realize you do need it after all but that realization only comes AFTER you have dumped the coffee grounds on top it.

    Friday, May 05, 2006

    All In a Day's Work

    I was showing a vacant house and the clients were running a little late so I went on in to open everything up, you know turn on lights and stuff.

    Well, apparently the sellers had just exterminated because there were dead bugs everywhere...eww.

    I didn't want my clients to be grossed out so I got some napkins out of my car and started picking up the the bugs.

    Now I don't like bugs at all alive or dead but I get them all and of course, there are no trash cans in an empty house and CRAP... what do I do with these bug filled papers now??

    I stuck them in a drawer and hoped these people are not the kind that open every single thing in a house, but of course ...they are.

    So, the whole time they are inspecting the kitchen I am standing in front of that drawer so they do not feel tempted to open it, but in case they do I prepare myself to act properly shocked.

    Now at some point SOMEone will open that bug filled icky drawer, and some poor realtor WILL be properly shocked, but it won't be least I hope not.

    I'm so blonde

    I thought Mother's Day is this weekend and was in a panic to get cards in the mail this morning.
    I am on the way to a showing and I hear on the radio that Mother's Day is not until the 14th.
    The cards are too early and I am very annoyed with myself
    When I got home, the mail lady was just making it around the corner.
    I cut her off to get into the driveway and snatch the cards out of the box just in the nick of time.
    watch me forget to mail them next week....just watch....ha.

    A little Gifty for Rhett

    Thankyou Chilady!

    Friday Cat Blogging: Birthday Boy

    SomeKitty is having a birthday at our house

    He was so tiny when we came here that I used
    shoe box lids for his litter box

    but.....babycats grow quickly into

    big cats....*sniff*

    Happy Second Birthday Rhett!

    See all the blogging pets at the Friday Ark and don't miss Sunday's
    Carnival of Cats hosted this week at Pages Turned

    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    Happy Cinco De Mayo

    If you need some yummy recipes for Cinco De Mayo,
    AllRecipes has a whole bunch here.


    If Jose Cuevo is your friend (he's not mine)
    look here for some margarita ideas.

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    Wordless Wednesday

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    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    The Apprentice: Week 10

    There was lots of yelling in the both the suite and boardroom this week and Trump was especially creepy.

    The Teams were brought in and told each would host an open house for a Hair Cuttery franchise.
    Trump invited Charmaine to touch his own hair and report if it is real.
    She said yes, it is but later Tammy asked why she didn't check the back....Ha.

    Both teams faced similar challenges with getting the stores stocked, marketing ordered, and ready to go. Candidates seem to be pairing up now and forming alliances within the teams.
    Sean is goofy about Tammy, this should be fun.

    Tammy and Synergy win the task and are treated to a day with the legendary Burt Bacharach. how cool is that?

    Charmaine and Gold Rush prepare for the worst with Lee stirring the pot a little.
    In the boardroom, Trump makes a joke to Tarek about not getting to date Charmaine. Michael says Charmaine wants everyone to "love each other" and Trump makes another joke about that. Like I said, creepy.

    After much yelling, The Donald started telling Charmaine how attractive she is, then fires her. After that he proceeded to attack Tarek and fired him as well.
    Tarek, I am not too crazy about but... Trump saying several times during the season that maybe "Mensa made a mistake" is awfully harsh in my opinion.

    It looks like next week we will have girls against boys and in the promo Trump says something about checking out the cheerleaders.
    Yeah, I know.