Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Home Improvements

It's hard to believe that as of this week we have been
in the house for three whole years.

I remember one of the first things we wanted to do
and STILL have NOT done is take down the
borders above the kitchen cabinets

It's that yucky contact paper that you would
line shelves with.

It came down pretty easy!


To be continued....

Project Babycats Update

The babycats are quickly becoming big cats!

Tomorrow they go to the adoption group to be
tested for disease, evaluated for adoption,
and if accepted into the program, fixed for free.



Please keep good thoughts that they do not
pull the "we are feral" routine tomorrow!
I loaded them up around 6:30am and headed for Houston.
About half way I checked my voicemail and there was one from late last night from the adoption group changing the appt to Sept 12th. I've already been on a waiting list for 3 weeks...sigh.
So, I turned around and went down to the clinic where I had taken their Momma and they could not take them today, but let me make an appointment for Friday.
I just don't want to wait two more weeks.
Hopefully the group will still let us take them to the adoption events.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Work Related: Just Busy

I'm around....just trying to get something sold by the end of the month.
I'm getting a little beat up out there right now.
Such is the world of sales I suppose.

Regular blogging will resume soon...:)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tummy Tuesday!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Shopping: Yet Another Useless Gadget

I usually do not fall for thingys hanging on pegs hoping to catch the eye of that impulse shopper, but there next to some huge ripe tomatoes was a handy dandy tomato slicer for the tempting price of only $3.99!

Yes, it's stuck.
I never learn.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fun With SiteMeter

A Google search for Kitty Photo Shoot brings up some classic Rafe n Rhett.
I can hardly remember having only 2 cats around here...ha.

Eye on the Gulf: Dean

Hurricane Dean is predicted to......
*hands over ears*
enter the gulf.....
*la la la*
could become a cat5 storm by.....
*La La La*

Friday, August 17, 2007

Shopping: Texas Tax Free Weekend

Texans are once again enjoying shopping for back to school during the annual Tax Free Shopping Holiday.

Many stores are having sales and staying open late.

It's a win win for customers and retailers.

If you are shopping this weekend....have fun!

I'm so blonde: and forgetful too

Today was the last day of my workshop.
Acutally it was more like the last 2 hours because it was clear the speaker was just there to sell us stuff today and having no money for stuff I skipped out after the morning break.
But this is not about that.

I was starving when I came in and put a bowl of soup in the microwave so I could eat fast.
Then I proceeded to answer some emails and take care of a couple of things while it heated up.

About 3 pm I realized I was starving.
How could I be so hungry when I had just eaten a whole can of soup 2 hours ago, I thought?

Then I see the bowl still in the microwave.
I pushed the buttons once again, but this time I kept a spoon in my hand.
Sometimes you just need to stay on task.

Friday Cat Blogging: Rafe

Rafe is doing so much better!!

This is how he looked only a few weeks ago.

Just look at these pretty pink ears!

Join Rafe at
The Friday Ark
and on Sunday
The Carnival of Cats heads over to

Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Houston: TS Erin

Today was not a good day to be in Houston!
I have class this week.
I was tempted not to drive in with a tropical storm raging, but the Weather Channel was saying Corpus would be getting the worst of it.
This class cost 300 bucks and felt I could tough out a little rain.

Anyway, the workshop lasted until 12:30. It was held at a hotel out at the airport and when I left, the parking lot was flooded halfway up my tires.
I waded out to my car.
I Hate wet shoes and socks...YUCK!

The cars were lined up and the feeder road was pretty deep leaving the parking lot.
Some cars were making it and some were turning around.
I stopped and waited it out for about an hour.
I just got this car paid off and have no interest in drowning it now.

After awhile I followed some cars around in a big circle and made it back up to the freeway and finally home.

Eye on the Gulf

TS Erin is working her way onto the Texas coast. It looks like our neighbors down in Corpus Christi will be getting most of the weather but it is raining pretty hard here this morning as well.

map from weather.com
click for larger view

We are also watching Hurricane Dean who is way out in the Atlantic somewhere.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today is....

National Clean Out the Kitchen Cabinets Day

Thankyou, Rhett

My last post about.....

.....the refrigerator.
I got everything moved from downstairs to up.
Of course both fridges had to be washed out...yuck.
Now both are clean and free of left overs and stuff that we won't eat but we put it in the fridge anyways.
AND I can have beer in two places.
A sense of accomplishment is always nice.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Project BabyCats Update

The kittens are now on a waiting list for a Houston adoption program.
They will be checked out and fixed
on the 29th, then up for adoption.
I will have to take them to Pet Smart
every Saturday until they are adopted.

I'm hoping that will not be too many Saturdays
because that sure is a lot of good-byes.

If anyone out there wants a babycat,
please speak up before the 29th because
then adoption fees will apply!

As you can clearly see, they are not any trouble
*crossing fingers behind back*

Happy Dancin'

The fridge is fixed...YEAH!!
I was so happy to hear the ice cubes drop the first time I let out......YES!!!
The cats all spooked and scattered.....ha.

Tummy Tuesday!

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Just Busy

I'm around ---just busy.

I took a couple of listings and did a lot of weekend showings.
Hopefully my business will be back on track soon.

I am trying to get the kittens into a foster program.
They are getting so big and worry if I continue trying to find homes on my own they will be out of that cute kitten stage and harder to adopt.

Rafe is doing a little better on his new meds and we are finished with his fluids now.
We will be glad when he is back to his old cuddly self, I miss those Meezer kisses.

After many phone calls I got someone to fix our fridge and he is coming out tomorrow.
That will be nice and the warranty is picking it all up...yeah.

Regular blogging will resume when I get caught up.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Work Related: Assistants

Some brokers are so busy they hire assistants to help agents in making the day to day contacts that must be made. I am also busy and make my own calls but this is not about that.

I have a client thinking of bidding on a property and the listing notes provides a website where more information, specific forms and offer instructions should be obtained before presenting an offer to the selling party.
I look all over this site and can not find it.
So I send a quick email, could I get the direct link to this file?

An assistant calls the next day (yup the next day) and cheerfully informs me that I can download these files off the brokers website and gives me the same URL I have been searching.
I explain to her that I have been to the site, but can't seem to locate it there....the reason for the email.

she says:
OH....Are you new to using the computer?

Excuse me?

Well after a short silence I asked again can she just email me the direct link and guess what she could not find the files on that website either.

I resisted the urge to ask if she was new to being an assistant.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Our Anniversary

Yesterday was our 14th wedding anniversary and we almost forgot!
I don't know if that's good or bad, but we went out for Chinese and those Mai Tais were good.
Very good.