Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Project Babycats Update

The babycats are quickly becoming big cats!

Tomorrow they go to the adoption group to be
tested for disease, evaluated for adoption,
and if accepted into the program, fixed for free.



Please keep good thoughts that they do not
pull the "we are feral" routine tomorrow!
I loaded them up around 6:30am and headed for Houston.
About half way I checked my voicemail and there was one from late last night from the adoption group changing the appt to Sept 12th. I've already been on a waiting list for 3 weeks...sigh.
So, I turned around and went down to the clinic where I had taken their Momma and they could not take them today, but let me make an appointment for Friday.
I just don't want to wait two more weeks.
Hopefully the group will still let us take them to the adoption events.

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