Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Houston: TS Erin

Today was not a good day to be in Houston!
I have class this week.
I was tempted not to drive in with a tropical storm raging, but the Weather Channel was saying Corpus would be getting the worst of it.
This class cost 300 bucks and felt I could tough out a little rain.

Anyway, the workshop lasted until 12:30. It was held at a hotel out at the airport and when I left, the parking lot was flooded halfway up my tires.
I waded out to my car.
I Hate wet shoes and socks...YUCK!

The cars were lined up and the feeder road was pretty deep leaving the parking lot.
Some cars were making it and some were turning around.
I stopped and waited it out for about an hour.
I just got this car paid off and have no interest in drowning it now.

After awhile I followed some cars around in a big circle and made it back up to the freeway and finally home.

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