Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm so Blonde: and I hear voices too

So it is around 2am and I hear a female voice calling out to me in my peaceful sleep.

The battery is low, the battery is low

John is in the bathroom and annoyed I yell at him
"shut that thing off already or put a battery in it"
What thing he replies... He didn't hear anything talking.

The battery is low, the battery is low.

"That thing!"I say, can't you hear that thing talking?

The battery is low, the battery is low.

Well finally he does hear it and I am glad I am not crazy but heck if we could figure out what in our house talks that has low batteries.

After ruling out the cameras, phones, alarm clocks and even the sleep apnea machine, the talking thing gives up her warnings and we went back to sleep.

The next day John looks up at the smoke alarm..maybe?
I pushed the test button and guess what??
The battery is low!
How was I supposed to know the damn thing can talk?

Now where did I put those batteries??

Tummy Tuesday!

It's Tummy Tuesday every Tuesday
at Lisa Violet's Diary

Monday, July 30, 2007

My Birthday and The Game

Thanks everyone for your birthday greetings. I spent most of the weekend pouting about pushing *gasp* 50.
Gosh it hurts just typing it.

The Astros game was fun, even if we lost.
The people 2 rows in front were so drunk they could not function and that provided some entertainment until the jerks bought out the beer vendor of his 7 dollar Bud Lights before he could get to me..argh!

It was Christmas in July and they gave aways some Astros Santa Hats, one of which has already been shredded by one or more of our resident Kitten Clauses......hohoNo bad kitty.
I can't leave anything out.

They photoshopped the players into Santa on the Jumbo Tron as they came up to bat and that was pretty cute.
They did the Padre players like Rudolph with red noses and that was a little rude-- but funny.

There were supposed to be fireworks and I was looking forward to that but it was cancelled due to the rain.
At least games can not be rained out here.
We play baseball inside in Houston.

All in all it was a good day...for a birthday I mean.

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's My Birthday

My good friend Anni left me this card at her blog and
I have several Ecards in my Inbox

I am working this morning,
then we have tickets to the Astros/Padres tonight.
Should be a good day!

Friday Cat Blogging: Brotherly Love

Email Rafe@heckyeah.net if you would like to adopt
Jack, Sawyer or Charlie.
We are in the Houston area, but would be
willing to travel a few hours if a good home is found.
They are 4 months old now.

In other news.....

EveryKitty has been to the vet this week!

Rafe's condition has worsened.
He has an infection and the lesions are still forming.
We are treating him at home with antibiotics and fluids.
He seems a little better this morning.
*crossing fingers*

Every OTHER kitty went in to get treated for earmites...yuck.
Everycat got weighed and checked over.
RicoLoco weighed 12 and a half pounds,
Join Jack and Sawyer at
The Friday Ark

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

RoadTrip: Last Day

Fort PigSty, Alabama to home
We got up early for the drive home.
We didn't think we could make it all the way but pushed hard and
got home around 8pm.

It was nice to sit on the porch with a beer
and be surrounded by kitty cats.

Now I have to buckle down and sell some homes!
Thanks everyone who stopped by.
total miles: 3515.2

Road Trip: Day Nine

Mount Jackson, VA to Fort Payne, AL

No pictures today just driving.
We got pretty tired and trying to avoid the higher
prices went off road to the Fort Payne Inn.
It looked kind of old, but the price was good so got the room.

Well, they say you get what you pay for...not true
this place was really gross.
I should have gone right back in and
demanded a refund but we just did not feel
like movin' on down the road and figured
we could handle it for a few hours sleep.

I went looking for a pen and paper and
wouldn't you know if found an old
piece of pizza in a drawer....YUCK!

From now on we will remember Ft Payne as Ft Pain,
or maybe Ft PigSty..ha.

total miles: 2746.7

Monday, July 23, 2007

Road Trip: Day Nine and Ten

The last hotel was nasty and had no internet so I got behind, but will update tomorrow.
We are home safe and sound and really tired.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Road Trip: Day Eight

The Kids house in NJ to Mount Jackson, VA
We had had a geat visit with the kids, even if too darn short.
I know these girls will be a LOT bigger next time we see them.

We drove pretty hard, but got really tired around 5pm and started
Looking for a room that takes my roomsaver coupons.

It was good we started looking early because a couple of
hotels said they are out of coupon rooms and wanted to
charge us double the price.

We ended up in Mt Jackson, VA

We found this Civil War Cemetary while looking
around for a place to eat.

(Click for larger view)

We will head out in the early AM
Total Miles: 2200.1

Road Trip: Day Seven

some pictures from the Bronx Zoo

Next time I am frustated driving in Houston,
I will remember the drive into to the city to see the zoo!
We are heading out this morning for the trip home.

It will be hard to say goodbye.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Road Trip:Day Six

We just took it easy today and played with the girls
Jaeley looks just like her sisters

Lezley is so cute and funny, she has an answer
for everything!

Gelsey is has gotten so tall and grown up

No miles today

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Road Trip: Day Five

Gettysburg, PA to The Kids House, NJ
We goofed around in Gettysburg most of the day.

Site of the Gettysburg Address

We purchased a CD that has an Auto tour of the
battelfield sites. It was really interesting.

Then we headed up to NJ and made it to the kids house
after getting lost on the NJ Turnpike for about an hour.

One thing we discovered about NJ is the freeway signs
are not visitor friendly...nope!

Total Miles: 1828.5

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Road Trip: Day Four

Bristol, VA to Gettysburg, PA
4 states
So we left Bristol early in the AM and could not have
special ordered a more beautiful day.
The day and scenery was picture perfect.

We took a jog off the freeway to visit the
Once again we are the only tourists attending and
get a private tour.
This is Gayle, one Indian Guides that hang out there.
I doubt he is a real Indian but he gave an
interesting talk about tanning hides.

John checks out one of the huts

And I went wading in Wolf Creek.
You know I am going to put my feet in the water.

We spent the afternoon on the road and it was easy to see
that you do not speed in VA. There are cops Everywhere!
Even so, John trusted me to drive for awhile and I got to
drive in 4 states in one hour!
Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvannia!

After we got to PA, we looked at the map and John realized that
Gettysburg is not so far off our trail so that's where we ended up.

This is the Gettysburg Hotel
We are not staying here.
We have a $49 room up on the
freeway. It's really pretty though.

We ran across Mr. Lincoln in Union Square.
I had my map ready, but
he did not appear to need help with his address.

We are going to kick around here tomorrow, then head up to
NJ our final destination.
I'm not sure what time we will arrive.
There is a LOT for John to read here!

Total Miles: 1579.4

Monday, July 16, 2007

Day Three

Chattanooga, TN to Bristol, VA
We spent the morning at Rock City.
It was well worth the trip.

I have a lot of pics, but here are a few .
I have more I can share later.

Suspension Bridge...not scary

at all!

The falls off "lovers leap"
Notice I did not say "fall"

Beautiful scenery

From the summit you can see 7 states, but there are
no lines like if you were looking a real map
so I just took their word for it.

After the fun hiking we got back on the road and
made it just over the VA state line before calling it a day.

Something we discovered about Tennessee and now Virginia
is that the Mexican food does not taste like ours.
No doubt I will never again order quesadillas
from a place that features a
"Margorita" on the drink menu.
It's my own damn fault...ha.
Total Miles: 1138.4

Day Two: Part Two

Later in the evening, we got our second wind
and the rain had stopped so we
took off to explore down town Chattanooga

They are revitalizing the downtown area, it is really
going to be nice when completed

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Road Trip Day Two

Hattiesburg, MS to Chattanooga, TN
4 states

Well it was still drizzly in Mississippi
but when we got to Alabama the sun was shining.

We stopped in Birmingham for a little rest and walked
through Vulcan Park

Later we went off road a ways and discovered

No other tourists were there and we got our own private tour!

This is Edward, he runs the place....well runs around it

We then proceeded into Georgia for all of 20 minutes and now are
kicking back in Tennessee where it is pouring down rain

Total miles: 846.0