Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Bachelor: The Dates Begin

Hour two of tonight's episode begins with the girls being shown to their new digs, a beautiful French Country Manor. Chris explains to them that there will be 2 group dates. Kristen, having been the last chosen to receive a rose will be awarded an individual date. One rose will be given on the group dates. Kristen's date will conclude with either a rose or a plane ride home.

Date One:
The first group date involved site-seeing in on a neat looking double-decker bus. They weren't looking at anything except the bachelor.
There was a lot of giggling and drinking.
Jehan went home with the prize.

Date Two:
Kristen was invited to cruise the Sein for her special date with the bachelor.
She is adorable, but clearly Travis does not think she is his type.
The girls predict she will not be returning.
They were correct.

Date Three:
The final group of women were treated to a helicopter ride over the city.
They were then sent to a champagne cave to get drunk.
One of the girls said, "we got the best date".
Tara was given a rose and I will throw in that she is my favorite to go all the way.
I mean in the game not what you are thinking.

The Rose Ceremony:
Following yet another cocktail party it is time to give out a few more roses.
The additional roses go to:
Sarah from TN
Sarah from Canada

and then there were eight.

Part One

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