Monday, January 09, 2006

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Did you know today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day?
Well it is, so if organizing your papers is one of your New Years resolutions this is a good day to do that. There are some tips and links here to get you (and me) started. Have fun!

Update: I have 3 desks. One is my computer desk, one is for crafts and the third is daughter's old desk that I want to use for work. I have one of 3 cleaned up and the paper shredder is full.

Update 2: I deserve a round of Bookworm before moving forward

Update 3: I think I'll bake a cake

Update 4: The cake is in the oven, tackling the craft desk now

Update 5: The craft desk was left here by the former owners and when we moved in I crammed stuff in it, not to be seen again until today.

Update 6: I think I'll need a beer

Update 7: I have way too many unfinished projects, craft books, paints, fabrics and patterns to deal with. This will have to wait for the next cleaning holiday.

Final update: Daughters desk is full of her crap. I will give her the week to go through it before I start tossing it. I need to make the cake topping now anyways.

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