Monday, January 16, 2006

The Bachelor: Drunk Girls Unplugged

Part one of tonight's 2 hour episode replays much of what we saw occur last week. Perhaps this is due to low ratings. No doubt many thought this show was pretty much over after last season's boring finale. Even former bachelorette and network sweetheart Trista was voted off Dancing with the Stars in the first round and the popularity of the show seemed to be a thing of the past.
The network teasers all week have promised "never before seen" this and that and fans were not disappointed. I appreciated that they sped up the limo entrances and rose ceremony for those that watched last week. Besides that left more time to see those silly girls choosing just the right underwear.
Do they have female camera people? I sure hope so!
We were also treated to an extended version of Allie G.'s meltdown moment, I mean moments. Ohmygosh, that chick has issues.

To be continued.

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