Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shopping: Couple Time

Hubby and I get along pretty well most of the time, but Saturday food shopping is not very fun with him. It's really not his fault. I hate to go in the first place and so already I start out grumpy.
But still, it has to be done and I appreciate having the help when it comes time to lug the purchases upstairs to the house.

Here are my issues with couple time shopping at Super (annoying) Walmart.

First: I don't like how he parks.
He will circle 10 times for just the right spot, or sit and wait for people to pull out.
He will even stalk shoppers leaving the store to see where they parked.
I, on the other hand prefer to park farther out next to a cart caddy.
Easy and simple.

Next: there is the shopping itself.
I often, but not always work from a list.
I pretty much know what we will need for the week.
He picks up and fills the cart with whatever he knows he likes from the end cap displays.
This is why we have 7 bottles of ketchup in the cabinet.
I also like to push the cart myself.
I tell him I think better if I am pushing.
He wanders off reading labels.
Sometimes I lose him that way.

Then: there is checking out.
He wants to help put the stuff on the belt.
I prefer to group things so they get bagged more easily.
When I say let me do it, he gets his feelings hurt.
Which brings me to paying.
I pay by debit and I never let him do that either because by the time he gets out his glasses and gets ready to scan his card and enter his PIN, we could have been all the way home.

Lastly: there is loading it in the car.
What is it about men arranging things in the trunk of the car?
It takes him forever to put those bags in just so.
Then, he has to walk a mile to put the cart away.
I just chunk the bags in.
I don't care how they are arranged or if the bread gets squished.
And, I park next to a cart caddy.

So there it is.
And.... don't get me started on what happens when he wants to help put the food away.

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