Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Let Them See My Cake

So I decide to bake a cake yesterday to get out of cleaning my desk or finding a job.

On the All Recipes site, it says
"Be the first to submit a photo of this recipe"
Now anyone who "knows" me knows how funny it would be for "me" to get any kind of recognition for my culinary *choke* excellence.

Well, here we go.

Hmm, that looks kinda funky.
Maybe I should remove the dirty spoons and Bud Light

That looks better, but it still is kinda "blah"

Now Rhett has spotted the camera and thinks we are cat blogging.
This one will not do.

That's a little better, but it's kinda busy with that
big ass sunflower there.

OK, here is my best try...extreme close-up

I'll be sure to post the rejection letter when I receive it

BTW, it tasted better than it looked

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