Monday, January 16, 2006

FAX drama update

So the printer is also acting wonky and thinking I should not get started in a new job with faulty equipment go shopping for new stuff.
John agrees we should at least consider this.
Truly he is tired of hearing me complain.
After searching various online sites, I decide on an all- in- one mid-priced HP.
When we get to the store, I decide I do not want to spend more money until I make some.
Surely I can make the old stuff last a little longer, I conclude.
John says, we are buying this and calls for a salesperson to help.
Can we ever make the same decision at the same time?
I doubt it.
We spent the afternoon installing and it seems to be working OK, except I am getting an error message that the phone line is "weak" whatever that means.
It appears I may not be able to use the line for a phone in addition to the fax.
The telemarketers will be devastated I'm sure.

Out with the old

In with the new

The best part is I got what I wanted and it was his idea....Sort of

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