Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Bachelor In Paris

Yet another Recap hour
In hour one of last night's two hour episode we are shown casting tapes of our bachelor, girls, and some that did not make the cut. We were also treated to an extended version of Kristen's crash and burn last week as well as scenes from former bachelors on equally bad dates. The dates and rose ceremony were also replayed with added scenes including a never before seen meltdown when Cole is rejected by her true love.

He needs a little help from his friends
In hour two, Travis enlists the help of 2 of his closest friends to choose the girl for the next one-on -one date. They put the girls through a hilarious interview process and I hope they show more of this at a later date. Susan is chosen for the date. Our jealous bachelorettes are left behind to chit chat about how she is here for "the wrong reasons" but none are surprised when Susan returns clutching a rose.

Careful of the Sharks, Travis
The group drinking date takes place on an overnight to the French Riviera.
Boating, swimming, and gambling are on the menu with the bachelor as a tasty side dish.
The date consists of Sarah TN, Shiloh, Moana, Tara, and Jehan.
Moana who has been aloof throughout the contest steals the bachelor for a jet ski ride sending the others into a Tizzy. Later Travis innocently presents Moana with the single date rose. That girl better be careful she does not get thrown overboard.

The Cruelest Rose Ceremony Ever
The final date is for Sarah Canada and Jennifer.
They are not happy to find out they are going camping.
They are even more not happy to find out that one of them will be sent home.
Travis chooses Sarah and leaves Jennifer crying by the campfire.

The Final Cocktail Party for Shiloh
Shiloh made the same mistake others have made on prior shows.
She tries to warn the bachelor that "some girls are not here for the right reasons" and is sent home for her trouble.

Maybe it's in the editing?
I'm having a hard time understanding why Travis is keeping always drunk Tara and Jehan around. If he is truly looking for a wife, he should send the party girls packing next week.

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