Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Bachelor in Paris

Our bachelor has narrowed the field down to six ad now enlists the help of 2 formerly rejected bachelorettes, Jennifer and Shiloh. They will interview each bachelorette and choose who will go on the one on one dates with Travis.

Picnic in Paradise
Jehan is awarded the first date, a romantic picnic at the Eiffel Tower. During dinner, Jehan tells Travis she has been married before. Travis is obviously disturbed by this news. Surely he does not think these women are virgins, does he? Later, Travis presents Jehan with a little Eiffel Tower necklace and we can't help but think this feels like a game show parting gift. No rose is given, but Jehan is invited to hang around so he can possibly reject her later.
Run, Jehan, Run!

The Creepiest Stalkers Ever
The group date consists of Sarah Canada, Tara Drunkgirl, Susan and Moana.
A casual bike ride in the countryside turns into a competition when Travis announces the winner of a race will get a special prize. Moana wins and gets to be naked with Travis in the massage room. The other three are in the pool and discover they can watch what transpires through an underwater window.
Now....that's just weird.

Hometown Girl
Sarah Tennesse is so different from the others that I have to wonder why she is still around. After a lovely evening exploring Paris, she is given a rose. I like her and think her hometown dates should go well.

Moana Melts down
After overhearing the others trashing her, Moana breaks.
This scene seemed staged, but if it was not then Travis would do well to dump all three. None of them are mature enough to go forward IHMO. Travis bikes over to visit with the ladies before the rose ceremony, and she melts down in front of him too. Travis just looked at her all perplexed. We now know that our guy is not the sensitive type, don't we?

No Party Tonight
The rose ceremony was short and sweet.
As I predicted last week, Tara and Jehan were sent home.
Tara can't resist giving the bachelor a parting warning, burp.

The Rose Ceremony Game

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