Monday, January 09, 2006

The Bachelor in Paris

My 20 something year old daughter has agreed to live-blog the premier of The Bachelor with me so here we go.

Me: If you did not have a BF would you go on a show like this?
Her: *shakes head* I'm not competive enough

They are showing former bachelors, 2 successes out of seven, not bad

The new bachelor is a doctor.
Her: damn!
Me: he has a pretty smile

Our victim bachelor has arrrived in gay Paris'
Me: hehe, he will go hungry if he doesn't speak any French
Her: *giggle*

The girls are arriving now
Me: they are already drunk
Her: Uh, huh and here he is magna cum laude or whatever and will be so stupid when it come to these women.

The first limo arrives
Me: those dumb girls think it's his house
Her: She's pretty (girl in red)

Now we are critiquing the dresses, brb

her: they have more full figured women this time
me: yeah, I'm tired of seeing sticks

Her: I like her
me: they will have a lot in common

Me: she's goofy
both at the same time: her boobs are

Her: she's cute

Her: most of these girls are my age and he is 33
Me: yeah, what if he wants an older woman?

her: she's a cutey

me: thankyou, not a problem?

Her: oh, I'm so all about

Me: 80's bangs alert!

another Sarah
Me: none of them can walk in their shoes

Her: It's already half over and he just met them

Rafe: Meow!
Me: feed the cat already

The party
me: the booze is flowing

Oh, they just found out he is a doctor
her: ohmygod, her eggs are rotting? she did NOT just say that

the vultures girls have spotted the single rose lying on the silver platter of hope

Allie is talkin' some reproduction
her: she did not go
me: oh yes she did!

The single rose goes to Sarah, and she had to be bleeped
her: ha
me: why her? I thought he was headed for the chick in the red dress

The Rose ceremony looms

Roses go to (in addition goofy sarah)
Susan Me: finally
Tara Her: I love her hair
Sara from TN
Kristin Her: He didn't pick Venus!

Me: most of those girls looked like they were ready to puke.

Allie is freaking out
Her: OMYGawd
Me: I wish he had kept her, would be fun

Allie goes back in to confront Travis
Me: the truth hurts
her: I can't even watch this, that bitch is crazy
me: security!

Now I have to go check my picks in the official contest and see how I did

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