Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Apprentice: Hour 2

Part 2 of tonight's Apprentice double header finds the blondes + Adam once again playing the waiting game.
Alla worries who will cook her breakfast should Clay be fired.
You have to admit, that girl has her priorities straight.

The teams are selling perfume this week.
They are given a bunch a shrinkwrap to work with.
Rebecca and Randal hire people to hock the fragrance.
Adam wants to wrap up a horse-drawn carriage including the horse.
Somebody call PETA already.

Today's lesson is how to cuss out someone on the phone, really useful Trump....Thanks.

Excel found out Capital Edge was holding megaphones at Radio Shack and bought them out from under them. Man, that was harsh, I love it.
Alla is Pissed.

Both teams head out with hoochie-looking Shania Twain wrapers in hand.
Excel spreads temps and "stolen" megaphones around the city and Capital Edge Wraps their carriages, and thankfully not the horses.
Looks like a close race.

The results are in:
Capital edge loses by only 5 calls.
Someone will be fired.
Alla is pissed.

Excel's reward is to spend the day with Shania.
They enjoyed horseback riding followed by dinner with the country music star.

Meanwhile, Adam and Alla feel Felisha should be the next to go.
Felisha....(why is she only wearing a towel?).....realizes she will get the blame.

In the boardroom:
Felisha is in the hot seat, but to Adam's surprise, Alla sticks up for her.
Trump sends Alla to the suite.
After some discussion about who is better suited to go into the final four, Adam was fired.

bu-bye Adam

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