Friday, November 04, 2005

The Apprentice....

Week Seven finds our dwindling teams awaiting word from the board room. Alla and Felicia are cuddling on the couch like little girls and declare that at midnight they will decide no-one is returning....ya think?

The next morning The Donald confirms their fears and invites Excel to take a member of Capital Edge over to help even out the teams again. They quickly choose the popular Randal and are off to the next task. The teams are sent to The Learning Annex and are instructed to plan and present a new class. The students will rate the class and the team with the highest ratings will be the winner.

Adam steps up to be project manager at Capital Edge. He is ready to lead, he has watched the players and knows their strengths and weakness, he says. Markus as usual becomes an immediate distraction to the rest of the team during the brain storming session. Adam takes Markus aside and tries to explain the issues the team is having with him.
"Don't put a leash on me" Markus whines...Hey about a noose instead?
Finally the team decides to go with a Sex in the Workplace theme, though Adam is clearly very nervous and embarrassed by the subject.....ummm who is the PM?

Over at Excel, PM Randal chooses a topic he calls "Standing Out".
Rebecca is concerned that it is not exciting enough....Ok she said..."We're Screwed"

The task:
Excel's class seems to be going well.
Clearly Randal is an excellent speaker. There was a lot of interaction with the students and they all appear to be having a good time. Marshawn took some time at the mic too. They made a great team.

Capital Edge is in the classroom as well.
It is a disaster in there.
They have not planned a structured classroom experience.
With no scripts to follow, it is a free for all and Clay is the star.
The rest of the team is obviously uncomfortable with Clay's remarks about being gay.
Adam's obvious reaction of disgust after Clay refers to him as a"shy, tight Jewish boy" leaves the students uncomfortable too.

In the boardroom:
Excell is a clear winner.
Carolyn read some of the comment cards from Capital Edge's sex class and they were rather harsh. Excel is sent off for a shopping trip and personal styling session at the famous Michael Kors studio.

Back in the Boardroom:
After a brief discussion of "what went wrong"..Adam, Markus, and Clay are invited back to the boardroom where someone will be fired. Adam is still offended by the Jewish remark Clay had made on stage but admits to Trump that he does not think Clay is anti-Semitic.
Markus still cannot put two words together without it turning it into 20 and Trump realizes that he could never have someone like that in his employ. Even though Markus himself did not make or break the task, Trump says......Markus-- your fired.
No surprise to me at least that Markus did not leave quietly.
He was railroaded, Markus surmised.
Yeah....Whatever dude.

About Markus:
How did this guy get past the pre-interview process?
If ABC brought him in for some comedic relief, he did provide that.
I'll kinda miss the guy myself.

bu-bye Markus

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