Monday, November 21, 2005

Real Estate stuff

Man, talk about complicated!
I thought the hard part was getting my education completed and evaluated, but just spent about an hour on-line trying to figure out how to register just to be tested. I did manage to get the application filled out and paid for. Now I find out I need to wait at least 2 days for that to be processed before I even register for the test. I still have to find a prep- class and those are filling up fast because starting Jan. 1st the state requires 30 more hours of education and many people are trying to get liscensed (ME!) before that happens. I hope to get the the prep-class as close to the testing date as possible. I don't know why I am letting all this stress me out. I should be enjoying this first holiday season that I am not working in retail.
Maybe I should get a just holiday job at the Mall while I get this finished up.....nah...maybe not!

Update 11/23: I got a huge pdf file in my email that I can't open for some reason with all the instructions on how and where to take the test...I just can't win.

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