Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Shopping: Fun at Super Walmart?

I put off buying Thanksgiving food 'til today.
I was feeling too lazy to drive an extra 5 miles to Big HEB or even the extra two miles to FancySchmancy Signature Kroger. I don't shop at Don't forget your stupid Shopping Card or pay too much Randals for a variety of reasons any longer and that only leaves Super Walmart. Now I am the usually to first to slam Super Annoying Walmart, but actually had an easy trip today. Pretty much everything I needed for Thursday's annual feast was right on the main food aisle. From green bean casserole fixings to stuffing, celery and broth. I was able to load up and be out with no waiting in line even.
I opted for a fresh turkey thinking there is no time to thaw one now, and there was a nice selection of assorted sizes. I can't help but wonder what I forgot to buy, that was way too easy.

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