Saturday, November 19, 2005

Shopping: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I LOVE these things!

I hate the smell of cleaning products, heck I hate cleaning, but these wierd little sponges work great. You just wet it and the magic solution inside goes to work to clean up all that hard to clean up stuff on the stove, counter, name it.
No odor, no mess.
John was struggling with Fanastic and a rag on the stove the other day and I said, "No use the magic thingy".

Well, he got on a cleaning splurge after that, even the toaster and fridge got hit.
I laughed and asked him did he like those sponges and he said,
"well they don't hold up very good."
Oops, I forgot to tell him they are supposed to disappear as you clean.
Then you can buy more, you see....magic.

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