Friday, November 11, 2005

The Apprentice

Week Eight finds our Apprentice contenders exhausted and stressed out. That is the only explanation I can come up with for the suicidal crash of Marshawn.

The much hyped "Star Wars Episode" begins with Alla and Felicia predicting the hissy fit that is bound to occur should Clay escape firing and return to the suite.
Of course they were correct.
Clay is quite predictable at this point in the game after all.

This week's task is to set up a display promoting the sales of a DVD and video game.
The movie is Star Wars revenge of the Sith.
The store is Best Buy.
The clips of Trump interacting with Star Wars characters are hilarious.

Brian is the PM for Excel. He has never seen a Star Wars Movie. Luckily Randal is a big fan.
Clay is the self chosen leader for Capital Edge.
He feels slighted after the last board room.
Felicia and Alla can only roll their eyes and sigh.

Both teams were given the chance to meet with Lucas Flim executives.
Capital Edge had a productive meeting and feels confident.
Excel on the other hand missed their meeting......yup missed their meeting.
Brian misjudged the amount of time needed to get there and they just flat missed it.

Over at Capital Edge, Alla is stepping up as leader.
Clay seems unorganized in thought and appreciates Alla taking over the photo shoot and planning. In fact he pretty much left her to do it alone.
Alla is having a great time doing Clay's job, but Felicia wonders if she will get Clay will give Alla any of the credit.
Having missed the important meeting where they would have received valuable information on how to acheive the task......Excel is floundering....big time.

The presentation:

Marshawn is chosen to present the "good vs evil" theme Excel chose to go with.
She has been pouting the whole task and now pretty much refuses to go through with it.
This is not the Marshawn we have seen in weeks past.
Rebecca senses the impending train wreck that may follow should Marshawn be forced to perform. She says she would like to do the presentation herself.
She did OK with what she had to work with, but the team clearly missed the mark by not featuring Darth Vader in the display.
That goes back to missing the meeting...umm Brian?

It's all about Clay Day at Capital Edge.
Clay is taking the credit for everything Alla did.
Alla tries to interject and Clay cuts her off.
No one seems to notice the neat costumes Felicia and Brian are wearing, but Capital Edge is the clear winner. They do not exempt Clay from being fired next task, however.
The group enjoyed spending the day with Bill Rancic as their reward.

In the Boardroom:

Trump cannot believe the team missed their meeting with the Lucas Film/Best Buy excecutives
He holds Brian responsible, after all Brian is a New Yorker himself and should have been aware of the amount of time it takes to travel around the city. Next Marshawn is questioned on her decision to back out of the presentation. She tries to defend herself but clearly she has no explanation.
There was no second boardroom tonight.
Brian and Marshawn were both sent walking.


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