Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Apprentice

It's week nine of the 13 week job interview for our remaining 6 candidates.

The firing of two last week left the corporations lop-sided.
Clay volunteered to join up with Randal and Rebecca at Excel.
I think he figured he had worn out his welcome with Capital Edge.

I guess I should throw in that the teams got to meet Miss Universe, though I'm not sure what the point was except to remind viewers that the Trump Organization owns her too.

The task was to write and produce a song using a new talent for XM Satellite Radio.
I have to admit I was really was not into this task.
Is The Donald going to buy a radio station or something?
I just don't see the point, unless it's to give George something to talk about.
I like George.
PM Rebecca quickly finds Clay difficult to manage and PM Felicia is excited about not having to manage Clay.
After all, it's all about Clay.

Well, both teams found interesting artists to work with and the songs did not sound too bad at least to me. Keep in mind, however that I listen to Barry Manilow, Madonna, and No Doubt in my car so what do I know.

The execs at the radio station are not happy with the edgey song Excel has produced and even more not happy that Randal's poster was printed with the wrong station number.
Like they were going to use it anyway....picky, picky!
After hearing opinions from station listeners on both tunes, Capital Edge is the clear winner.

The winning trio of Adam, Felicia, and Alla tour the Manhattan Skyline with Trump.
Trump tells him about all the stuff he owns and they are/act properly impressed.
Meanwhile, the losing duo of Rebecca and Randal prepare to throw Clay under the bus.
I say duo because Clay has not really been part of any team since day one.

The boardroom in Carolyn's own words was a tough one.
Mr. Trump says he must look at the history of these candidates.
With a stern slap of the table, Trump fires Clay.
Rebecca and Randal both visibly wince as though they are waiting to see if they are going home as well. Randal grabs Rebecca's bag so she can get herself and her crutches into the elevator.
Shouldn't she be in a walking cast by now?

Clay heads off to the cab wear he....well you know.

Bu-Bye Clay

Jamie at the Eye of Polphemus says Excel missed the mark.
Ann Althouse thinks Trump is a lot harder on contestants this season.
you can hear the featured songs at Yahoo: The Apprentice

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