Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Road Trip: Day Four

Bristol, VA to Gettysburg, PA
4 states
So we left Bristol early in the AM and could not have
special ordered a more beautiful day.
The day and scenery was picture perfect.

We took a jog off the freeway to visit the
Once again we are the only tourists attending and
get a private tour.
This is Gayle, one Indian Guides that hang out there.
I doubt he is a real Indian but he gave an
interesting talk about tanning hides.

John checks out one of the huts

And I went wading in Wolf Creek.
You know I am going to put my feet in the water.

We spent the afternoon on the road and it was easy to see
that you do not speed in VA. There are cops Everywhere!
Even so, John trusted me to drive for awhile and I got to
drive in 4 states in one hour!
Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvannia!

After we got to PA, we looked at the map and John realized that
Gettysburg is not so far off our trail so that's where we ended up.

This is the Gettysburg Hotel
We are not staying here.
We have a $49 room up on the
freeway. It's really pretty though.

We ran across Mr. Lincoln in Union Square.
I had my map ready, but
he did not appear to need help with his address.

We are going to kick around here tomorrow, then head up to
NJ our final destination.
I'm not sure what time we will arrive.
There is a LOT for John to read here!

Total Miles: 1579.4

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