Monday, July 16, 2007

Day Three

Chattanooga, TN to Bristol, VA
We spent the morning at Rock City.
It was well worth the trip.

I have a lot of pics, but here are a few .
I have more I can share later.

Suspension Bridge...not scary

at all!

The falls off "lovers leap"
Notice I did not say "fall"

Beautiful scenery

From the summit you can see 7 states, but there are
no lines like if you were looking a real map
so I just took their word for it.

After the fun hiking we got back on the road and
made it just over the VA state line before calling it a day.

Something we discovered about Tennessee and now Virginia
is that the Mexican food does not taste like ours.
No doubt I will never again order quesadillas
from a place that features a
"Margorita" on the drink menu.
It's my own damn fault...ha.
Total Miles: 1138.4

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