Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Work Related: Yuck!

So I get to this house before my client and get it opened up. All the carpet is ripped up and I do a quick walk through. After a couple of minutes I feel something on my feet (I am bare legs and sandles). My feet and legs are covered with fleas!!

So I run out the door and brush them off, little red bites popping up everywhere.
I called the listing agent and said.
"Let me guess....you pulled up the carpet because of fleas, right?"

Yes, he said and they bug bombed too.
So I suggested he try something stronger before he allows anymore showings.

I met my client at the car and told him what was up.
He wanted to see the house anyway and came running out in about 2 minutes brushing off his pants and shoes.

It was almost funny, but not really.
And my feet still itch.

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