Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging: Brotherly Love

Email if you would like to adopt
Jack, Sawyer or Charlie.
We are in the Houston area, but would be
willing to travel a few hours if a good home is found.
They are 4 months old now.

In other news.....

EveryKitty has been to the vet this week!

Rafe's condition has worsened.
He has an infection and the lesions are still forming.
We are treating him at home with antibiotics and fluids.
He seems a little better this morning.
*crossing fingers*

Every OTHER kitty went in to get treated for earmites...yuck.
Everycat got weighed and checked over.
RicoLoco weighed 12 and a half pounds,
Join Jack and Sawyer at
The Friday Ark

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